Exposed: A Dollar For Stern and Rogatsky

Yossi Stern in a major Wire fraud scheme.

Yossi Stern opened a website collecting charity. is where he encourages people to donate “…$250, $500, $1,000, $1,800 OR EVEN JUST A DOLLAR.” in memory of his Friend Danny. All incoming donation, as expressed on the site, would be going towards a $40,000 dollars fund to cover “expenses” and to purchase a Torah (bible) scroll in his memory.

Yossi Stern runs a corporation called – N.Y. LEAD ABATEMENT, CORP his office is in a residential building 1384 Carroll Street Brooklyn, NY 11213-4320 (718) 221-2323.

Mr. Stern received a check for donation and in turn flipped it to his private company.

It is WIS belief that Mr. Stern is involved in a Bank/Wire fraud scheme.
1. Collecting Money under false Pretenses.
2. Laundering the Money through conversion from Canadian to American Dollar and then depositing it in his own business account.

Cheak Front

Check Back

The Deposit Slip: Check deposited in to Stern private business account


6 Responses to “Exposed: A Dollar For Stern and Rogatsky”

  1. me Says:

    how do you obtain this information?

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      From regular people. People who care.

      It also seems that the Mossrim don’t have to many friends.

      Again I would like to remind the general public…

      WIS Needs Your Help Exposing Corruption in our Community

      WIS strives to help you the public, by exposing corruption in all it’s forms. Knowledge is power, and knowledge can protect you from the corruption that runs rampant in many sections of our society. Corrupt and unethical organizations, institutions, and individuals thrive in the darkness of public ignorance and apathy.

      Help WIS take back the power, educate yourself with information on how corruption can be exposed, and excised.If you have a story of corruption that you would like to share with the community, please do so by sending your story to:

      You will remain anonymous at all times.

      Those who have worked with WIS know that I don’t even inquire as to who they are, to WIS that’s irrelevant. What is relevant is what they are saying and what they are sending (true or not true?).

      Together we can take back our community.

      *WIS is interested in corruptions of all kinds.


    WIS you obviously do not do a great job at keeping ur intel anonymous….FELDMAN is the signatory….its right up there in black and white. MORON

  3. a friend Says:

    Dovid Rogatsky has absolutely nothing to do with the Shmira or Yossi Stern.
    As a matter of fact Dovid R. is in a major fight with Stern and they are not on talking terms.

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      Is that a FACT?

      THE FACT IS, Rogatsky name is still on the web site.

      THE FACT IS, that Rogatsky was seen a few weeks ago hanging out with the Shmira Mesira at a public/private event.

      If Rogatsky left the shmira because they are scum and he wants nothing to do with them, then let him say so, he should tell the world why he left. If the Shmira are good, then why did he leave a good org that does “good things”?

      A rat is a rat forever.

      Is someone a rat because they join Shmira or is it because they are rats that they joined Shmira?

      Answer: Its both.

    • antimesira Says:

      Rogatsky is guilty of association!

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