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One Phone Call To Save Six Jews

February 28, 2011

After much investigating over these past few years especially since after the Shomrim Six blood libel, I have concluded that the Mesira could have ended with ONE SIMPLE PHONE CALL.

There are four people in Crown Heights who could have made that ONE PHONE CALL and stopped a vicious blood libel on six of our brothers, a blood libel that could have landed them in jail for over fifteen years if G-d forbid a random jury of 12 strangers would have found them guilty, that ONE PHONE CALL was NEVER  MADE.


Can You Guess Who the Four Are? (One of them not on above list - Hint: gives them a lot of money)


CHJCC Solves All Of Crown Heights Problems With Kashrut (wink wink).

February 28, 2011

Wow! we are going to get the Kashrus under control. WIS is sorry it has to poop on your little party, by asking what’s the Kashrus going to do for the community?

You see the Kashrus does not even account for one quarter of the the funds that pass the CHJCC. In-fact how many products currently have a CHK? Three, Four?

They tell us “we need the Kashrus” its how we can pay the Rabbonim, Is that truly so?

WIS knows of only two individuals who make their salary from the Kashrus, and no its not Rabbi Osdobo or Schwei. Osdobo and Schwei make their salaries as……..

People get you heads out of the sand, there are individuals who have been manipulating the community for years and they are at it again.

There is a massive leak of millions of dollars and it ain’t from the Kashrus.


Stop the Corruption Stop the Fraud!

The Jokes On You!

February 28, 2011

“Chanina Sperlin is an EDP, The Sperlin family gives Chanina Sperlin a paycheck to stay away from the business”

For years Crown Heights residents have been accustomed to saying the above statement, as to why Chanina Sperlin is not in the family business (of real-estate), and why he is always in the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC)

My dear friends, neighbors, brothers and sister, the joke up until now was on us. The Sperlin family were laughing at all of us, all this time, while laughing all the way to the bank.

It turns out that the Sperlin family pays Chanina Sperlin a paycheck, not that he should stay away from the business, the opposite is true, Chanina Sperlin being in the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC), is good for the Sperlin business. Chanina Sperlin gets paid to be in the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. to do his part in the Sperlin Business.

Who Will Explain To The Community Where And How The WAP Grants Was Spent-WIS or CHJCC?

WIS is giving the CHJCC a chance to spin this their way,  so later they should not say what WIS explained/showed is not true.

Those Who Laugh Last Laugh The Loudest.

Lot’s More to come!


Stop the Corruption Stop the Fraud!

WIS Definition: Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.

February 27, 2011

Thinking Out Of The box


Refers to all past (beginning from 1974) and present board members of  the CHJCC.

In Addition: All and any branches of the CHJCC, like the Shmira Mesira, Vaad Hakoul etc…

In Addition: The Mishichist Mossrim party lead by Mendle Hendel.

In Addition: All and any supporters of the CHJCC.

All the above (individuals and entities) are all under the same umbrella of corruption and fraud.

When WIS first started in 2008, the focus was the Shmira Mesira. The Shmira was created by the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc., more specifically Chanina Sperlin, in 1999 to fight the already existing Shomrim Volunteer Organization, to create a distraction for the Crown Heights community.


Code Of The Jewish Law: Laws of Messira

February 27, 2011

Shulchan Aruch
Code Of The Jewish Law
By Rabbi Shneur Zalman Of Liadi
Laws of Money Damages – (Laws of Messira)

[Chosen Mishpot – Kehot Printing –Safer Vov- Page Kof-Chof]

For Original Hebrew Print – Click Here

[Free Translation]

(6) It is forbidden to Masser a Jew in to the hands of a Goy (Gentile), it makes no difference if its his body (גוף) or money (ממון), even ממון קל, which means even if it’s a “light” (small) amount of money.,

This prohibition (אסור) applies by דיבור, which means outright Messira through speech, Or even revealing what a fellow Jew wants to do, for example giving a hint, for example: if the Goy (גוי) asks the Yid where he can find strew, it is forbidden to tell him that it can be found in a specific Yid’s house, or even to just point to the Yid’s house, – without even saying anything, and anyone that does Massira has no part in the world to come.

Even a wicked person (רשע) and a sinner (בעל עבירות), it is forbidden to Massir on him, both in regard to his body (גוף) or money (ממונו), and even if this person is a constant bother, for example, he’s always harassing you, it’s forbidden to Masser.

However, if this wicked person Massered on you, you are allowed to Masser on him, if there is reason to believe that this wicked person will continue his Mossering and the only way you can save yourself is by- Mossering on the wicked person or in a case that you were Massered on and that Messira was not dismissed, meaning it’s ongoing, your allowed to Masser, if that’s your last resort, and no other way out.

Also one that is violent who regularly hits people and there is no other way to protect yourself from him, unless you will Masser him to Goyim, that they shall take his money or “cut off his hands” that he may not be violent again.  However, someone who hit his friend but he is not regularly violent rather this was a one time thing, it is forbidden even for the person that was hit, to Masser his friend, for even though if in this case, the person that was hit does Masser, there are those opinions which exempt him from (דיני אדם) Judgment from man, because a person isn’t (”נתפס על צערו”)  [Baba Bathra 16: Raba said: This teaches that a man is not held responsible for what he says when in distress[. Still (לכתחילה) to begin with it is forbidden to according to everyone and he is a Mosser (if he does).

And even if you have a violent Jew, and he doesn’t want to go to Bais Din, it is forbidden to go to the authorities to force him to come to a Din Torah, until you receive permission from Bais Din, also to force him through the means of Goyim to fulfill the Psak (Halachik Ruling) of Bais din, it is forbidden till you have consent from Bais Din.

(7) Someone that Masser’s it is permitted to kill him, in any place, and at any time, even in today’s time, even before he actually Masser’s, like if he says “I’m going to Masser on someone either on his actual body or money etc…” he has permitted himself to death, and we warn him, and we tell him: Do not Masser. If he has Chutzpa and says no, I’m going to Masser anyways, it is a Mitzva (commandment) to kill him, and whoever is first in doing so, the merit is his.

For someone that goes to Masser money of a Jew into the hands of Goyim, it’s as if he’s “chasing” (”רודף”) after his soul. And if someone is “chasing” (”רודף”) after your friend to kill him, it is allowed to save him (your friend), by killing the killer (Mosser).

And if there is no opportunity to warn him (the Mosser), you do not need to warn him. However if you can save the victim by hurting the killer (Mosser), for example by cutting off his tongue, or to poke out his eyes, then it’s forbidden to kill him (the Mosser).

(8) If the Mosser followed thought with his plot (of Messira), it is forbidden to kill him, unless he’s “assumed in Messira”, which means he has done Messira three times, then you can kill for he may continue to Mosser on others. It is forbidden to destroy the money of a Mosser by hand, meaning by physical action, or through Messira to Goyim, even though it’s permitted to destroy his body (by killing him). For his money is fit for his inheritors. However it’s permitted to cause him lose of money, because since his body is void (הפקר) so is his money, and for sure you don’t have to pick up his lost item to return to him. However it is forbidden to take the Mosser’s money for yourself (even if it’s something that the Mosser lost) since it is fit for his inheritors.

There are those who say that a Mosser has the law of a Mumar (מומר) to the whole Torah (see Rambam Laws of Repentance, Chapter 3, law 9, for what a Mumar for the whole Torah is). And if you find the Mosser’s lost object it is yours and is forbidden to return it to him….

(9) Someone that’s assumed as a Mosser, and it seems that the only reason why his words are heard is because of his money, meaning he is rich, and if he would be poor his words will not be heard, it is permitted to destroy (לאבד) his money, or to Masser on him to Goyim, for with this you are saving other people from this Mosser’s Messira.



River of Messira: Jewish Blood Is Not Cheap

For [almost] 30 years, since the creation of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC), Crown Heights residents has suffered from one Messira after the next, ranging from RICO cases, to gang assault.

To much innocent Jewish Blood floods our streets. There is not a lamp post in Crown Heights which does not have the blood from the Fischer and Hershkop family.


Who Will Explain To The Community Where And How The WAP Grants Was Spent-WIS or CHJCC?

February 27, 2011


WAP: Weatherization Assistance Program


$2,019,685.00 Spent For Weatherization For Low Income Individuals, Where Is the Money?

$2,468,935 From WAP, Where is it?

CHJCC: The Eli Cohen Trust Fund

CHJCC Shows Us How To Write Off $84,000 Dollars

Paying Braun: From Which Grant This Time?

From the Past to the Future

What Disclosure? What Transparency?

CHJCC Annual Volunteer Budget Form


$601,121 – What Can You Get For This Much Cash?

$106,643 Worth Of Conferences? How Come We Haven’t Heard Of Them?

$601,121: How Much Office Supplies and Office Material Does CHJCC Need?

Flash Back 1997: Shomrim Ask, “Where Is The Money?”

The Money Trail <the BIG money < Coming Up!

To Serve the Residents Of Crown Heights OR to Serve the Mendle Hendel?

Stop the Corruption Stop the Fraud!

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Conflict of interest? Asher White representing offenders of Henna’s DV clients

February 24, 2011


Henna White and her boys

Henna White and her boys

After learning of a several cases in Brooklyn,  The Awareness Center and the Coalition Against Legal Abuse have joined forces to insure that the Brooklyn Family Court system is safe for survivors of domestic violence, sex crimes and other types of abuses.

Yesterday, attorney Asher B. White, attempted to represent a man who’s wife and children are alleged victims of domestic violence.  During the hearing, the alleged offender’s ex-wife asked the judge if there might be a conflict of interest having Asher White represent her husband — considering his wife (Henna White), is employed by the Brooklyn District attorney’s office — as the liaison to victims in the Jewish orthodox community, and had past involvement in this case.

Both the Coalition Against Legal Abuse (CALA NY) and The Awareness Center also raised some concern regarding Asher White’s affiliation with Ohel Family Services, since the survivor is also former resident of OHEL’s domestic violence shelter.

Back on Feb. 15th, CALA held a rally in front of Agudas Yisroel Bais Binyomin Hall, where Henna White was being honored.


The Ganev and Mosser Yaakov Spritzer Loses Yet Again

February 23, 2011

Spritzer loses appeal:
Spritzers Appeal: Pages 1-11
——- Pages 12-22

MEMORANDUM AND ORDER: IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the orders of the Bankruptcy Court dated March 4, 2010 (D.1.838) and March 31, 2009 (D.1.825) are AFFIRMED. Signed by Honorable A. Richard Caputo on 2/18/11.

Spritzer must return $1.3 million that he stole from  Machne Menachem.

The following issues have to be dealt with:

1. Spritzer illegal activities throughout all these years.

2. Paying for all the damage he caused good families, by dragging them to Federal Court and bringing  a Blood Libel (RICO) against them.

First loss for Yankle the Ganev Spritzer:
Judge Glasser Final Ruling  Against Spritzer – Finding of Facts (Click Here)

Second loss for Yankle the Ganev Spritzer:
Judge Thomas Final Ruling Against Spritzer – Finding of Facts (Click Here)

Also See:
Parshas Machne Menachem

Yaakov Spritzer Initial Mesira

The Facts Of The Matter

Spritzer: This case is not about a Camp (Coming Up… WIS will have a post dedicated in explaining what the case was really about…).

How Did Spritzer Get Hold Of The Camp Grounds?

Din Torah: Past, Present and Future. It’s been over three years since Yaakov Spritzer was called for a Din Torah and still has not shown any sign of cooperation. Din Torah Update.

Coming Up… The Connection: Spritzer, Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. and the Crown Heights Beth Din.

CHJCC Shows Us How To Write Off $84,000 Dollars

February 21, 2011

ONE: CHJCC sponsors two tenant education workshops, where not less then 26 person attended and the subject were, tenants rights, senior rights and BED BUGS.

Where do they send these people for help? How are they spending $84,000 to help people?

"For over four decades, the Parodneck Foundation for Self-Help Housing and Community Development, Inc. has played a leading role in providing financial, technical and organizing assistance to New York City’s housing and community development efforts". (click image for Link)

The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC) is spending thousands of government grants  by telling you to go elsewhere for help.


UPDATE: The $144 Million Dollar Lawsuit By Huebner/Shmira/CHJCC Against Shomrim

February 21, 2011


Regarding: Paul Huebner (agent of the CHJCC) $144 Million Dollar Lawsuit against the Shomrim Six (click here to see ‘Verified Complaint’).

On June 15, 2009 Paul [Levi] Huebner an attorney for the Crown Heights Shmira which is under the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. Initiated a $144 dollar lawsuit against  Shomrim and  Six of it’s volunteers including one member of the Crown Heights community.

The defendants names are as follows:  Crown Heights Shomrim Safety Patrol, Chaim Hershkop, Yehuda Hershkop, Shneur G. Hershkop, Benjamin Lifshitz, Zalman Pansan, Nechemia Slatter and Sholom Willhelm.

Attorney Paul Huebner was involved in orchestrating the initial arrest and prosecution of said defendant.

There has been 30 court appearances since the filing of the lawsuit and thanks to Huebners delay tactics nothing has moved forward.

Click Image for link to ecourts

Knowing his lawsuit doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in, well, you know, Huebners first tactic was of-course to avoid actually having to go to trial, (knowing full well the merits to his blood libel), Huebner opted for a Default Judgment.

Huebner filed his lawsuit but did not serve the Defendants. Without wasting anytime Huebner immediately requested a default judgment on the bases of defendants not complying on time.

Huebner argued Default Judgment for eight months, claiming that the defendants are trying to avoid facing trial and justice, although the defendants had long hired an attorney to defend themselves and were ready and anxious to stand trial once again.