Rent is too damn High in the Crown Heights Community Council Inc!

Rent is too damn High in the Crown Heights Community Council Inc!

The realty behind the above picture/”story” has nothing to do with Mossrim and Ganovim said “Achdus”.

On December 14, 2010 WIS made mention of the fact that rent was to damn high for the CHJCC.
Having to pay too much rent to hold another office Zaki Issac B. Tamir simply made Yaakov Schwei move back to the original office.

This has nothing to do with “Achduse”, this has nothing to do with the Psak, it’s simply a money issue. In general, since WIS started to expose the corruption and fraud that has and still is taking place in the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC), out of fear, many things have been changing.

Note: The money they used to pay for the second office came from government grants, meant to help the needy families of our community. That money is still available, but why use it for another office if it can be used to line individuals pockets.

Mendle Hendel, Zaki Issac B. Tamir, Chanina Sperlin, Eli Cohen and the rest of the gang (of Mossrim and Ganovim) think we the Crown Heights residents  are a bunch of idiots, who will chase after the bones they throw us.

I must admit they did succeed for far to long, keeping us distracted. Well, clearly those days are over.

The realty:
Not so Fast – Beis Din Issues Ikkul Against R. Braun

Elusive Semicha Sufaces – More Questions Ensue


5 Responses to “Rent is too damn High in the Crown Heights Community Council Inc!”

  1. the loyal opposition Says:

    CHJCC stands for Corrupt Haughty Jerks and Crooks Council

  2. anti Says:

    Now they have $50.000 + that they were claiming to pay rent with, to do something else. Maybe they need for office supplies!

  3. Mishichist Says:

    Maybe if we put up a tag on a office stating ‘Moshicach’, then that would mean moshiach is here.

    Thank you Zaki Tamir for finding another way to bring moshiach.

  4. OBM Says:

    Wheres Marlows office?

  5. Question Says:

    Is the CHJCC allowed to pay rent for the Beis Din, are they allowed to house the Beis Din in their office? Is this legal?

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