Op-ed: A False Sense Of Security

Today my eight year old brought me to tears. “What is a body bag?” she asked me and “Why is a man dead next to my school?”

Crown Heights has always been a controversial place to live. Growing up here, I can remember the fear I felt during the Crown Heights riots.  A fear that never went away, only diminished slightly with time.  In light of the recent horrific shootings in the past few weeks, I cannot help but conjure up those feelings of fear and helplessness once again.  But, I am no longer a child, I am a mother, a mother of two young and impressionable girls who are forced to deal with issues premature to their age and beyond their capabilities of coping with the stress of these mature matters.

After two shootings on the block an empty NYPD Scooter is seen parked in front of School

I am a concerned citizen and I would like to take this opportunity to express my feelings regarding this matter.  What is happening here is out of control.  Violence is increasing at an alarming rate and the local Police Precinct is busier covering up crime then preventing it.  I’m tired of hearing statements like, “No one died, so it’s no big deal” or “He’s just a kid”.  Kids who steal bikes and don’t get reprimanded are on their way to being adults who steal cars and other commit criminal mischief.  Crime rates have supposedly dropped in our area under the current administration but only because cops have been instructed to deter civilians from making complaints about crimes not because fewer crimes are occurring.

The Police department has succeeded in dividing and conquering our community.  The issues that they have created are so complex that we as a community cannot agree on what is better or worse.  At the end of the day these officers go home to their neighborhoods and leave us here to clean up their mess.

Many surveillance systems have been installed throughout the neighborhood at the personal expense of homeowners and landlords to protect themselves.  This footage is readily available yet seldom requested by the cops.

The situation in our community is desperate.  Our police department is so corrupt that we have no one to turn to.  Our children are in danger and we are helpless to protect them.  Change is the only answer.

A Concerned Mother and Resident of Crown Heights.

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