Weekly Parshah: Ki Tisa

When the people saw that Moses was late in coming down from the mountain, the people gathered against Aaron, and they said to him: "Come on! Make us gods that will go before us, because this man Moses, who brought us up from the land of Egypt we don't know what has become of him." (32-1)

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4 Responses to “Weekly Parshah: Ki Tisa”

  1. Too much time in court.. Says:

    After spending many hours in their dorm rooms reviewing “the video” and then many more hours in court testifying falsely under oath. Then running away on a “Mivtoim” road trip, Moisrim are finally expelled.


  2. disgusted Says:

    This past Shabbos I was attending a friends Ofruf in 770. While I have been to 770 before and I have seen all that goes on there, including the crazy behavior of the Mishichist Tzfatim etc… However, this Shabbos I was exposed to something new.

    About 4:30 pm Shabbos afternoon while 770 was relatively quite, I saw a large group of these so called “Bochurim” sitting and standing around a table right in the center of 770. Most were under the influence of Alcohol (which is no excuse) etc… ( this also goes contrary to their belief of “Chai Vekayom” – because the Rebbe made a Takana (decree) against drinking an excess amount of alcohol, and they supposedly believe that they are sitting in front of the Rebbe?!).

    They were all singing and jumping over one another, throwing seltzer all over the place… all in the name of a Farbrengen. Needless to mention that some of the Moserim in the failed mesira of the ShomrimSix were also present in this crazy wild affair! There was a guy who was the center of attention known to all as Gili. Gili used to sell electronics outside 770 about 10 years ago. This Gili was filling the roll of a “mashpia” R”L (no beard etc…). At some points they would all stand over the table with Gili being on the table! (Remember all this is in front of the Rebbe!) And they were singing and dancing to a non-Jewish famous intro that is used by many sporting events! This happened more than once! All the worse there was one of the “Gaboim” of 770 who was present, and didn’t say a word?!

    To make matters worse he even came to sit at their table, as if saying that he holds of them! This has gone much too far! They are on the verge of creating a new religion within Judaism and it must be stopped! They have no Torah, no fear of heaven etc… All they do is chant and wear identification labels like a cult! And this is happening right here in 770!

    This reminds of the famous story of when the Kosel (Western Wall) was covered in garbage… Even though it was covered in garbage it still remained holy! for “Kedusha Lo Zaza Mimkoma”! So too, I would like to think with 770, it has been hijacked by garbage (crazies), however it will remain dear to me because the Rebbe and the previous Rebbe Davened there etc… And no matter the Chilul Hashem that goes on there, “Kedusha lo Zaza Mimkoma”!

    The situation in 770 sadly is “Shualim Hilch Ba” and that has to change! It is up to all of us; we cannot condone and put up with meshgoyim! Alas I know that ultimately the light will win over the dark and the good over the evil! But ad masai? Till when?!

    The Gemara at the end of Maseches Makkos relates: that Rabi Akiva was walking along with some of his colleagues. As they were walking they saw a fox walking around the Bais Hamikdosh area, and Rabbi Akivas colleagues started to cry. Rabbi Akiva himself was happy. They asked Rabbi Akiva, “Akiva, how could you be happy now, don’t you see what is going on here?” he answered them that just like the prophecies concerning the exile is coming true, so too the prophecies concerning the redemption will also come through! Rabbi Akiva looked ahead at the future and that made it easier for him to bear the present! I am partly relieved when I know that at the end everything will work out and Moshiach will come! So even though in the present it’s a time to cry, I know that in the future all these crazies will vanish! May these Moserim Mishichistim crazies… Have a Refuah Shelaimah B’korov Mamash! Like Chazal say “Yitamo Chataa’im Vlo Chotim!”.

    This saying of Chazal “Yitamo Chataa’im Vlo Chotim!” does not apply to Mosrim. For Mosrim have no hope. The only hope for a Moser is a good drowning in the Mikva!

  3. Mishichistim: people of erring hearts Says:

    (10) “For forty years I quarreled with that generation; and I said, “They are a people of erring hearts, they do not know my ways.” (11) So I vowed in my anger that they would not enter my resting place.
    ארבעים שנה אקוט בדוד ואמר עם תעי לבב הם והם לא ידעו דרכי : אשר נשבעתי באפי, אם יבאון אל מנוחתי :
    תהילים צ”ה

  4. Eliyahu Says:

    “And the children struggled together within her… And she went to inquire of the G-d… And the G-d said to her: ‘Two nations are in your womb.’ ” (25:22-23)
    QUESTION: Rashi explains: When Rivkah passed a house of Torah learning, Yaakov struggled to emerge. When she passed a place of idol worship, Eisav struggled to come out. This perplexed her, and she went to inquire about it. A message was conveyed to her through Shem that she was carrying two children.
    Why did this information calm her?

    The Rebbe answers (Likutei Sichos Vol. 1, p183ff.)
    The prophet Eliyahu held a debate with the false prophets of Ba’al during which he challenged them: “How long will you waver between two opinions”. If Hashem is the G-d, follow Him! And if it is the Ba’al, follow him” (1 Kings, 18:21). One may wonder how Eliyahu was able to utter such an option.
    The Rebbe explains the difference between outright idolatry and idolatry which is fence-sitting. Outright idolatry means a person really believes he benefits from his idol. A fence-sitter is in doubt – either he’s unsure as to what to believe in, or he believes in Hashem plus something else.

    The Rebbe continues and says, that wavering between two opinions is in many ways WORSE than outright idolatry. GENERALLY, outright idolatry is worse of course. But in terms of TESHUVA, the fence-sitter is worse because it’s harder for him to do Teshuva fully.


    1) Because someone who once believed in idolatry, who realizes he was wrong, can fully do Teshuva. The one who wavers and believes in Hashem plus something else or doubts, doesn’t do a full Teshuva because he claims he always believed in G-d.
    I.e. He is uncertain whether he sinned in the first place.

    2) The one who fully believes in idolatry can be a spiritual individual, just a misguided spiritual individual.

    But the one who wavers shows that not only is he not interested in the true G-d, but he is spiritually insensitive. Although he knows Hashem is G-d, he is still willing to give idols some credit, thinking he’ll benefit in some way. Even when he realizes the truth, he does Teshuva only because of personal gain.
    I.e. He is willing to compromise some of his religious beliefs for the sake of convenience or social pressure (his spirituality is corrupted by materialism).

    3) The one who wavers leads others astray because it is not clear that he is a heretic (for he knows how to quote a Pussuk in Chumish, a word from a Mammer or Sicho etc.. he speaks the language). The idol-worshiper, however, is an outright heretic and is thus an outcast that does not effect the Community. I.e. nobody gets confused by him.
    At the outset, Rivkah thought she was carrying one child who was confused, unable to distinguish between right and wrong, and thus, G-d forbid, capable of running in a different direction each day. Informed that she would give birth to two children, she was relieved, because she could now hope to convince the other child to emulate his righteous brother.

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