CHJCC Shows Us How To Write Off $84,000 Dollars

ONE: CHJCC sponsors two tenant education workshops, where not less then 26 person attended and the subject were, tenants rights, senior rights and BED BUGS.

Where do they send these people for help? How are they spending $84,000 to help people?

"For over four decades, the Parodneck Foundation for Self-Help Housing and Community Development, Inc. has played a leading role in providing financial, technical and organizing assistance to New York City’s housing and community development efforts". (click image for Link)

The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC) is spending thousands of government grants  by telling you to go elsewhere for help.

So if I was to walk in to the CHJCC for assistance in regards to food-stamps, medicate or anything else, and the “wonderful” people there would direct me to an office in Williamsburg (by providing an address and phone number on a post-it) or by providing me with a web-site (where I can get self help), then they get to write off a couple of thousands of dollars?

All these activities are beautiful activities but were is the money? Who is pocketing the money? How many people split the pot?


Is the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC) using government grants to collect money from tenants? Since when is collecting rent form you tenants a public service that the CHJCC needs $84,000 to do it?

Imagine that, landlords getting government grants just for collecting rent.


We know all the above mentioned programs do not a-mass to $84,000. In-fact it would be safe to say it does not reach $1000 dollars, so where is all this money? What really happened to the $84,000 dollars?

What happened to the millions that has passed through the CHJCC all these years?


In fiscal year 2009-2010 the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. reported spending only $1,803 in advertising and promotion.

Whats $2000 dollars in advertisement, how far does $2,000 get you? Not far at all.

How is the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. getting the word out about all their great programs with less then $2,000 in advertisements?

This post has been focused on only one of many grants.

(Let’s not forget that the first time Crown Heights residents got a sneak peak in to the programs the CHJCC has to offer was only a few short weeks ago, as WIS already pointed out).



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2 Responses to “CHJCC Shows Us How To Write Off $84,000 Dollars”

  1. me Says:

    I would love to find out how they spent $2,019,685.00 on the Weatherization program For Low Income Individuals, Where Is the Money? How did they spend it? I don’t know one individual who was helped by the CHJCC with this money or any other money.

    Whats going on here?

  2. Jobless Says:

    How does one go about getting hired to work at the CHJCC, this looks like good free money.

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