CHJCC Solves All Of Crown Heights Problems With Kashrut (wink wink).

Wow! we are going to get the Kashrus under control. WIS is sorry it has to poop on your little party, by asking what’s the Kashrus going to do for the community?

You see the Kashrus does not even account for one quarter of the the funds that pass the CHJCC. In-fact how many products currently have a CHK? Three, Four?

They tell us “we need the Kashrus” its how we can pay the Rabbonim, Is that truly so?

WIS knows of only two individuals who make their salary from the Kashrus, and no its not Rabbi Osdobo or Schwei. Osdobo and Schwei make their salaries as……..

People get you heads out of the sand, there are individuals who have been manipulating the community for years and they are at it again.

There is a massive leak of millions of dollars and it ain’t from the Kashrus.


Stop the Corruption Stop the Fraud!


2 Responses to “CHJCC Solves All Of Crown Heights Problems With Kashrut (wink wink).”

  1. Mossrim and Kashrus Says:

    What a joke!

    Mossrim and Ganovim Ask: “Whats Going To Be With The Kashrut?

    “And these are the laws that you must set before them.” (21:1)

    QUESTION: Rashi states: “Like a set table which is ready for the person to partake of the feast.” In what sense is the halachah governing monetary matters like a set table?

    ANSWER: Many people are very particular about the kashrut of the food they eat. When they are invited to a party, before partaking of the foods laid out on the table, they inquire about the shechitah of the meat and the bakery that produced the baked goods, etc. Only if the food on the table meets their kashrut standards will they eat of it. Unfortunately, in monetary matters they are often not so stringent and they may even engage in questionable business practices.

    Rashi is suggesting that in money matters, one should be as strict as with the food on one’s table.

    The Code of Jewish Law is known as the Shulchan Aruch, which literally means “a set table.” This, too, emphasizes that in all issues of halachah one must act with total integrity, just as one demands the highest standards of kashrut.

    (Vedibarta Bam: Volume II – Shemot – Mishpatim)

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t give a damn about the CHK Kashrut, it makes absolutely no difference in my life who runs that small operation.

    Any funny business taking place with the Kashrut pales in comparison to the corruption, fraud and theft thats taking place in the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.

    How hypercritical that the same Mossrim and Ganovim who have been stealing our tax money that comes to our community by way of Government Grants (meant to help people in need) are all of a sudden worried about “whats going on with the Kashrut?”, These very same Ganovim and Mossrim are worried about “Acdush” in the community, “Achdush” in the Beth Din?

    The answer is, they (Mossrim and Ganovim) are not worried, they couldn’t give a darn either whats happening with the Kashrut. What they are attempting to do, as they have done many times before (as WIS has already pointed out) is to distract the people away from the real issues, the real problem.

    The real problem, is the millions that has been stolen from the CHJCC.


  2. Show me the money Says:

    This is like…

    Yankle stealing form his corporation millions of dollars but then calls for an emergency meeting with his board members to discuss how ‘Zalman Leib’ is suspected of stealing from the office Pushka a few quarters (when it comes to the Kashrut, I’ll say pennies).

    This is a joke and another distraction from the real deal.

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