CHJCC Claims The Shmira As It's Own

The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC) has always prided itself as being the backbone/supporter of the Shmira Mesira Patrol, and so to the Shmira Mesira would pride themselves of being the henchmen of the CHJCC.

As a matter of fact, it was then chairman of the CHJCC Chanina Sperlin who in 1999 created the Shmira in-order to fight the already existing patrol ‘Shomrim Of Crown Heights’, and fight they did. For over 15 years the Shmira (Prager, Stern and Skoblo to name a few), with the help, support, backing of the CHJCC came after Shomrim at every turn.

The Shmira thugs did the “low” level acts of harassment and terror, like acts of violence, property damage, false police reports etc… in these past 2 years the Shmira made over 200 complaints to 311  and various other agencies against Shomrim volunteers, home and businesses.

While the CHJCC (Chanina Sperlin and gang), made the “high” level attacks, using political pressure to have police target Shomrim with tickets and in a few insistences have them arrested. The people at the CHJCC  had a great part in helping the Shmira with the Shomrim Six case.

So when a group like the Shmira Mesira “Patrol” in involved in criminal acts , who takes responsibility?

So when a group like the Shmira Mesira “Patrol” in involved in vicious Messiras, from the Shomrim Six Messira and daily 311 Messiras, who takes responsibility?

From the CHJCC Wed Site from way back then - Click Image to Enlarge


Shmira News — 221-0303
In response to the many questions we’ve received about the Shomrim letter received by the community: Shomrim is an independent organization that does not work with the JCC or the Vaad HaKohol. The Shmira organization are the people who work with us: and they are worthy of your support. Their phone number is 221-0303.

Yet, at every opportunity the CHJCC had they tried to get in the way of Shomrim, they tried to dictate what Shomrim is or isn’t, what Shomrim should do or not do, they even tried to dictate (with force) if Shomrim should exists or not.  Every problem in Crown Heights they manged to make it “Shomrim Shmira issue”. Coming up…What is this “Shomrim Shmira Issue”, when do the CHJCC bring it up and why?

From the CHJCC Wed Site from way back then – Click Image to Enlarge

From the CHJCC Wed Site from way back then - Click Image to Enlarge

The Shmira Letter Head

Shmira has been promoted in CHJCC newsletters & web-site, Mishichist web-sites, the web-site Daas Hakohol which was ran by Yankle Herzog, a former CHJCC board member and a strong supporter of those stealing millions from the CHJCC (past and current). In other words: the CHJCC together with the Mishichisat Mossrim gang, own the Shmira.

Flash Back 1997: Shomrim Ask, “Where Is The Money?”

Ever Wonder what REALLY Split Shomrim?


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