Purim Comes Early For Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.

The Purim Shpiel

Disclaimer: This post is purely just for fun, a Pre-Purim gig. After all how can one miss such an opportunity.  Do NOT get distracted with this stupidity, all this stunt was meant to be was another distraction. This post will be onebigcholent of seriousness and fun.

Regarding: Key Evidence Publicly Destroyed at Braun Welcome Ceremony


Imagine a prosecutor in the dark of the night planting evidence to incriminate a man standing trial and then proceeds to destroy the “evidence” and then coming to court and claiming….Your honor, men and woman of the jury, there was evidence but now it’s destroyed. One of our own guys destroyed it.  I even have it on video and my fellow prosecutes can testify that the evidence did exists and that their fellow prosecutor destroyed it.

Whoopee Who! evidence we never saw, never knew existed was destroyed.

Whose the genius that came up with this master plan? Is this who WIS is up against, is this who we’ve all been up against all these years? If so, then destroying these Mossrim will be a piece of cake.


Braun to Bet Din:

“I had a Semicha but my dog eat it.”


Production Title: Fool The Stupid People Movie

Production Co.: Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC) a.k.a. Vaad Hakohol

Directors: Mendle Hendel and the Mossrim team.

Starring (main actor) : Yosef Braun

Co Starring: Every Mosser and Hate Monger (Baal Machlokes)  of Crown Heights.


This past Friday I went shopping at Empire Kosher, I filled my cart and went to the cashier to pay, I wrote out a check for the amount of my purchase and then I proceeded to tear up the check. After tearing up my check  I walked out of the store with my stuff. If you don’t believe me, you can ask all the witnesses that saw this and there is video surveillance of the whole things going down.


I wrote out a $180 check for the Mas Hakohol but then I tore it up. Is it still considered as if I gave?


Find one person in the following photos who is not a Mosser, Ganef (thief), Hate Monger (Baal Machlokes). Every single person who was invited to this very exclusive event was involved in Messira, Stealing,Hate- Propaganda against innocent Jews, in short, the destruction of Crown Heights.

Photes: Mossrim- Ganovim and Hate Mongers Of Crown Height Gather (click Here)

(Coming up…a profile of each one present)


In one of the instances Mendy Hendel walked into the place of business of one of the signatory’s and told him that he will no longer shop at his establishment if he does not rescind his signature, and threatened that he will arrange a boycott if he does not sign a piece of paper in which he apologies to Rabbi Braun and that he never allowed his name to be used.

If Mendle Hendel with all his “honor and glory” must personally go threaten people, is a sign that the Mishichist Mossrim gang is coming to it’s bitter end. There are no more shoulders who want to do the dirty work and Mendle Hendel is forced to do it himself.


By ripping up the piece of paper , he has no proof that it is not the real thing. Like the Poretz of old, when a Yid and a Goy had a court case and they would write on a paper guilty and not guilty and the yid would pick the one for him. He knew that the Goy would write both guilty so he was advised to pick one, swallow it and open the second, which said guilty so obviously the swallowed one said not guilty. Obviously this show was a staged show Kaan Tzrichim Livkos. Do they think we are idiots and stupid?


4 Responses to “Purim Comes Early For Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.”

  1. john doe Says:

    Ha! zaki tamir the mosrims barman…hah hha!

  2. tamir, itsuckdik Says:

    Zaki is a joke, soon his image will be deflates like his real estate holdins in florida. Soon he will be exposed like ponzischeam that is running his law practice. Soooon very soon

  3. Trump now really concerned Obama wasn’t born in US Says:

  4. מושון Says:

    נדפקתם חבורת נבלות!
    הרב ברוין הוא המד”א דהשכונה.

    אין שמחה כשמחה לאיד!

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