Profile: Felon Yaakov (Jacob) Herzog

(L-R) Felon Yaakov (Jacob) Herzog with Chanina Sperlin

Corruptly giving a thing of value to public official with intent to influence an official act

When felons rush to call others felons in-order to feel complete.

Jacob Herzog and his gang of Mossrim have made it a point (for 30 years) to have good innocent residents of Crown Heights arrested and prosecuted with intent to have the opportunity to label those good people as Criminals.

The agenda is clear,  being blemished with such a label either personally or family members, they attempt to make everybody around them criminals so they don’t look so bad.

Read: If I Can’t Have It, Neither Can You! to have a better understanding of this evil destructive attitude.

Felon Herzog on stage with Yossi Braun at "Installation Ceremony"

Did You Know…. after his conviction Yaakov Herzog was a board member of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.

Did You Know… that Yaakov Herzog ran the hate site for many years.


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