Intro: The Puppet Rabbis (Beth Din) Of The CHJCC

"The Committee/Board to Honor The Rabonim/Rabbis"

For years we have seen  the above sign-off on letters of propaganda (assassination letters) against those who would dare speak the truth about the Corruption and Fraud which is the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC) and it’s Beth Din.

The realty is that the above statement really should have read…

"Honor the Rabonim/Rabbis For The Sake of the Vaad/Board (CHJCC)"

Coming Up…


2 Responses to “Intro: The Puppet Rabbis (Beth Din) Of The CHJCC”

  1. Zalman Leib Says:

    Could you imagin there was the power of Internet 20-30 years ago, these thugs -the chjcc with their b”d- would never get their feet off the ground.

    keep up the good work, exposed these thugs for who they are.

  2. toshav Says:

    we eagerly wait for the follow up article.
    if you do it right you can and will chance the whole tune of the way people think, you successfully managed to do that with the mishichistim. People were afraid to say the truth about them until WIS came along and broke that barrier.

    thank you!

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