Mossrim File New Lawsuit…

…Against each other

They are suing themselves so like this they can come and say we agree with the arbitration and then it would be defendant vs. defendant.

Word on the street is that The Infamous  Mosser/Informer Elie Poltorak and Fishel Brownstein have filed another lawsuit, this time against the CHK Kashrut (which is the “Osdobas faction”), this will be the second lawsuit  brought to Crown Heights by what used to be the “Schwie faction”, currently known as the “Braun faction”.

So here we are again, back in court (right were it all began two years ago), this is all despite $300,000,00 spent on a phony joke of a Zablo Din Torah.

Crown Heights does not need the corrupt Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC) and it’s corrupt Beth Din, all that Crown Heights residents have seen from that (single) organization is controversy, Messira/court case after court case. Shut it all down!!!

UPDATE 4:45pm – THE LAWSUIT: Mishicihsit Mossrim Faction New Lawsuit (Click Here)

Remember: You saw it first on WIS/

EXIT QUESTION: Chairman of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC) was short $4,500 for the purpose of helping the needy of the community, yet here he is retaining a defamed lawyer (who was fired in the last elections by the people) Elie Poltorak to file yet another lawsuit for the CHJCC. Who is paying for all this (is this money coming from grant money meant for the needy of the community and if not then where is it coming from and why)?


5 Responses to “Mossrim File New Lawsuit…”

  1. Chabad Lubavitch Says:

    let them kill each other, as a person who has watched this group (The so called “koved Harabonim”, mesira group), over the years, all i can do now it sit back and enjoy the show.

    The CHJCC and its Beth Din (Osdoba, Marlow, Schwie and co.) have destroyed innocent peoples lives, tried to destroy everything the Rebbe Zt”l stood for (by attacking his Mosdos), so fair to say, i don’t feel bad at all.

    Let the minority kill each other, both these factions (the Osdoba and Mishichist faction), don’t have any effect on our lives (except when they did mesira).

  2. Insideman Says:

    I saw and read the lawsuit (and sent it to the web sites including WIS), and it’s bull shit, it’s another trick and one big distraction.

    The Mishichist Mossrim faction are throwing another bone to the Crown heights people and saying, “hay little stupid doggies, go fetch this, while we ALL* (Petitioners, Respondents, Plaintiffs and Defendants) rape the community from millions of dollars daily”.

    They are suing themselves so like this they can come and say we agree with the arbitration and then it would be defendant vs. defendant. (making it the Osdoba faction against the Braun and Schwie factions).

    We should not fall for this distraction, they are ALL crocks and Mossrim and let them kill each other.
    From the start of all this it was Mishichistim against Mishichistim, [*except for a select few which fell for the whole hope and change, peace is coming bull shit and who had nothing to do with either party -The CHJCC/Beth Din faction- but only took part because they honestly thought they would bring change/peace unity etc…]

    Poltorak needs to find a real job.

    BTW, who paid the $210.00 to file this?

  3. Repost: Mossrim and Ganovim Ask: “Whats Going To Be With The Kashrut?” Says:

    The following was originally posted on January 30, 2011 on OYGEVALD.COM

    The following post demonstrates how smart and right OYGEVALD is and how predicable the Mossrim are.

    “And these are the laws that you must set before them.” (21:1)

    QUESTION: Rashi states: “Like a set table which is ready for the person to partake of the feast.” In what sense is the halachah governing monetary matters like a set table?

    ANSWER: Many people are very particular about the kashrut of the food they eat. When they are invited to a party, before partaking of the foods laid out on the table, they inquire about the shechitah of the meat and the bakery that produced the baked goods, etc. Only if the food on the table meets their kashrut standards will they eat of it. Unfortunately, in monetary matters they are often not so stringent and they may even engage in questionable business practices.

    Rashi is suggesting that in money matters, one should be as strict as with the food on one’s table.

    The Code of Jewish Law is known as the Shulchan Aruch, which literally means “a set table.” This, too, emphasizes that in all issues of halachah one must act with total integrity, just as one demands the highest standards of kashrut.

    (Vedibarta Bam: Volume II – Shemot – Mishpatim)

    “Good Dog, Good Crown Heights resident…Now go fetch me the Kashrut”

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t give a damn about the CHK Kashrut, it makes absolutely no difference in my life who runs that small operation.

    Any funny business taking place with the Kashrut pales in comparison to the corruption, fraud and theft thats taking place in the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.

    How hypercritical that the same Mossrim and Ganovim who have been stealing our tax money that comes to our community by way of Government Grants (meant to help people in need) are all of a sudden worried about “whats going on with the Kashrut?”, These very same Ganovim and Mossrim are worried about “Acdush” in the community, “Achdush” in the Beth Din?

    The answer is, they (Mossrim and Ganovim) are not worried, they couldn’t give a darn either whats happening with the Kashrut. What they are attempting to do, as they have done many times before (as WIS has already pointed out) is to distract the people away from the real issues, the real problem.

    The real problem, is the millions that has been stolen from the CHJCC.



  4. We Are Heading Back to Court? — Vaad Sues for Kashrus Says:

    New court papers filed in the name of the Vaad Hakohol last week indicate that all the work done until now may be at risk of being undone. According to the filers, the papers are simply trying to enter the Psak Din of the Zablo Beis Din within the courts, but others claim that what they really do is reach far beyond the boundaries of the Psak.

    The papers were filed by Elie Poltorak, who was ousted by the Psak Din which declared that the Vaad he was a member of was illegitimate, and was decisively voted out in the ensuing elections. according to Vaad Chairman Zaki Tamir, he was retained to enter the Psak in court.

    According to Tamir, the Psak stated that it may be entered in court within a year, and he explained that this is the way it needed to be done. “It is the nature of the petition, that there has to be some relief to be sought” he said, explaining why the Vaad is demanding the Vaad Hakashrus and all of its trademarks and funding.

    When asked if this was a decision by the entire Vaad, Tamir answerd that it was: “we have been speaking about it for months, but we never… and the deadline was coming up… and Boruch Hashem we got it in time.” However, Yossi Hackner, the Vaad’s attaché to the Vaad HaKashrus, told us that he had no knowlage of the court filings, or that it was in the works.

    Skeptics contest Tamirs version of this new court action; an anonymous source familiar with the proceedings said that this is “another ploy, just like the installation ceremony, where Tamir is doing things on his own while serious issues are still on the table.”

    He continued, “Namely, there are many parts of the Psak which the Vaad never bothered addressing, the restoration of the Netzigim being the prime example.”

    “In this action all they are doing is make a grab for the Vaad Hakashurs, in apparent retaliation for Rabbi Osdoba’s refusal to get behind the election of Rabbi Braun” the source said.

  5. The Chairman Says:

    Zaki Tamir is the Chairman of the Crown Heights Jewish community Council inc., so any lawsuit coming out of the CHJCC is his and only his responsibility, this lawsuit is Zaki Tamirs lawsuit.

    Bottom line: The situation at the CHJCC and it’s Beth Din is back to scare one, back to court back to mesira.

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