Breaking Exclusive: Release Of The First 311 Mesira Transcripts

Some Important Facts:
1. Yitzchok Shuchat is a long time member of the Crown Heights Shmira.
2. The Crown Heights Shmira is under the leadership of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC) a.k.a. Vaad Hakol.
3. After beating up Andrew Charles,  Shuchat fled to Israel and has been there since.
4. Shuchat had help making these calls from his Shmira “friends”. Shmira members were seen several times a day passing by Hershkop’s properties (with the Shmira and COP vehicles).
5. WIS Intel informs that there is evidence that it was not only Shuchat that made calls, there are others.

A comprehensive post with all the facts of the matter coming up….Meanwhile for a taste of whats coming WIS introduces… Transcripts of a 311 Mesira

Date Complaints Made: 8-29-2010
The day Yitzchok Shuchat’s sister got married, in fact two phone calls were made during the wedding.

3 complaints were made that day by Shuchat who was in Israel at the time he made the calls.
Call 1: Israel 4:57pm –  USA 9:57am
Call 2: Israel 8:54pm  – USA 13:54pm
Call 3: Israel 8:57pm  – USA 13:57pm


311 Operator: Thank you for calling 311, good morning, how may I help you?

Shuchat: Ye, I would like to make a complaint for illegal plumbing work, being done in a residential house without a permit.

311 Operator: OK, illegal plumbing.

Shuchat: Ye

311 Operator: Ok, are you leaving any caller information, like your name, address, telephone number?

Shuchat: I prefer just to leave my name if possible.

311 Operator: you don’t have leave any, if you don’t want too. What borough is this?

Shuchat: Brooklyn

311 Operator: Ok, and what is the address in question?

Shuchat: 5-3 5-6-1 east New York Avenue, Brooklyn NY.

311 Operator: Ok and we are indicating plumbing without a permit. Correct?

Shuchat: ye, the owners name is ah Aron Hershkop of the building.

311 Operator: Ok and this is progress now. Right?

Shuchat: yes

311 Operator: Ok, anything else you would like to add.

Shuchat: excuse me

311 Operator: anything else you want to add to this request.

Shuchat: Ye did you put the owners for it?

311 Operator: don’t have to put the owners

Shuchat: (unintelligible) well you put, you wrote down.

311 Operator: I don’t have to put it unless you, ah you know, specifically required I do.

Shuchat: I want you to put, they will not know who to speak too

311 Operator: they will trust me but I’ll do it anyway, what’s his name?

Shuchat: A-R-O-N

311 Operator: aron

Shuchat: the last name is H-E-R-S-H-K-O-P

311 Operator: Herhkop?

Shuchat: Ye

311 Operator: Ok, and that’s the per…

Shuchat: I work at…  I working at construction company, and he doesn’t have any permits, and that’s why I’m making a complaint against his place

311 Operator: Ok and he is the person to contact. Right?

Shuchat: Ye

311 Operator: Do you have his phone number?

Shuchat: for him?

311 Operator: um…

Shuchat: 917

311 Operator: Ok

Shuchat: ***-**** (Gives Aron Hershkop’s full phone number)

311 Operator:  Ok, you said ***-****

Shuchat: 905 – No, no, 917***-****

311 Operator:  Ok…., Ok, I’ll go ahead and submit your information and will go over to the department of buildings I give you the complaint number and they’ll have an inspector go out.

(Unintelligible)… You need to refer to the complaint number.

311 Operator: What else’s did you want to ask sir?

Shuchat: I wanted to add is has

311 Operator:  Ok give me a moment

Shuchat:  No problem, I thank you for taking your time

311 Operator:  ok, what’s that address, sir, please?

Shuchat:  5-3-5 Brooklyn Avenue … Brooklyn, NY

311 Operator:  and the situation here

Shuchat: they doing full work without uh uh, they only have a partially uh stop work order and they doing full work without permits, throughout the whole entire house.

311 Operator:  So they doing…are they still doing plumbing there or is it illegal construction

Shuchat: No they are doing everything, they have plumping permits but they don’t have, uh, full house, but they doing full work in the house without permits they only have partial permits

311 Operator:  so is it, ok, alright, one moment

311 Operator:  so they doing illegal conversion sir, correct?

Shuchat: Ye

311 Operator: Ok, alright, one moment I will get you a complaint number for this as-well, any other specific information you want me to have?

Shuchat: No, the same owner,
It’s in the system already

311 Operator: Ok, I figured, I already put that.

Shuchat: Alright

311 Operator: Ok, alright so…

Shuchat: But it’s not just, wait a second, it’s not just a full, it’s not just a construction without permits, it’s full construction, they doing more then partial, wait a second,  they only have partial permit to do instruction in the place…

311 Operator: So they doing…

Shuchat: …they doing more then they have the permit for

311 Operator: ok, that’s why I put um…um…illegal conversion, so let me ask you a question….

Shuchat: alright fine

311 Operator: So let me ask you a question, let me start, let me do that, they doing the um…construction beyond the means of the permit?

Shuchat: That’s correct, ye

311 Operator: ok, alright, hold on

Shuchat: Sorry about that

311 Operator: That’s alright; it’s my job to find these things out

Shuchat: Alright

311 Operator: Ok so, we will put Beyond approved plans, ok?

Shuchat: Alright

311 Operator: Ok so the complaint number for this location would be 33532…

Shuchat: No! 535! Oh the location, sorry go ahead

311 Operator: ha ha ha

Shuchat: Ye I’m confused with all the things that’s (unintelligible)

311 Operator: ha ha ha that’s alright thou, sorry, 3353219 (laughing)

Shuchat: 3219 ok

311 Operator: Ok, anything else sir?

Shuchat: (unintelligible) is this the first of the second one?

311 Operator: that’s the second one, the first one is 3353218 and the second one…

Shuchat: 18 and 19

311 Operator: Ye (laughing)

Shuchat: Ok, fine

311 Operator: ok, anything else…

Shuchat: A lot of things going on over here

311 Operator: ok, got to keep up

Shuchat: Ok, thank you very much, your welcome

311 Operator: Thank you for calling, you have a good day now [Call ends].


Snapshot of the three calls made on 8/29/2010 by Shmira member Yitzchok Shuchat from Israel (from DOB website)

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Stay Tuned as WIS is attampting to get more information and possibly obtaining (and posting) the actual recordings of the 311 calls.


7 Responses to “Breaking Exclusive: Release Of The First 311 Mesira Transcripts”

  1. No Excuses For Mesira Says:

    Here are some of the excuses we will hear from the Shmira Mesira, CHJCC, Mishichist movement and all those that usually excuse and justify Mesira.

    Regarding Shuchat they will say things like:

    “Yitzchok Shuchat is retarded”

    “Yitzchok Shuchat is a Nebach”

    “Yitzchok Shuchat is a orphan”

    “Yitzchok Shuchat doesn’t know what he’s doing”

    Yitzchok Shuchat is not in Shmira, he is “off duty”

    And the best one yet…
    “Yitzchok Shuchat was Massered on by the one he is doing Mesira on”

    But let me remind you all what we all read (on all the Chabad web-sites) about people like this…

    If, by no doing of his own, the M’kallel finds himself in a state of total alienation, despised and rejected – If, by no doing of his own, he is treated as a stranger among his own people – why does G-d; the Lord of compassion and mercy, meet out such a severe punishment. Is he not, after all a pitiful misfit that is not to blame? Can’t his angry outburst and animosity towards G-d be understood.

    The difficulty is further exacerbated in face of the widespread consensus among the Midrashic authorities that his disadvantaged status began all the way back to the moment of his conception – his mother’s unfortunate bad luck regarding the circumstances which had brought him into the world.

    According to the various Midrashic commentaries, the union of his parents was not the result of intermarriage, his mother, Shlomis Bat Divri, was in fact married to Jewish man. He was rather fathered by an Egyptian taskmaster as a result of trickery, or through force, depending on the respective Midrash. In the above light the M’kallel is an even greater victim. Why then the lack of sympathy?

    The answer is that victim or not, one does not have the right to lash out against others as a result of their misfortune, and certainly not against G-d, not only because it is non productive or beneficial, but because it is downright destructive. It breeds a pernicious atmosphere, which leaves a noxious void in its wake. The venom of those who consider themselves accountable to no deity – who worship only human reason and feelings as a moral compass, has brought us the Holocaust and the horrors of Stalin.

    Read More:

    • antimesira Says:

      Ye retard no retard, ye nebach no nebach

      The mosser made the calls, the mosser caused damage and the mosser with all those that helped and encouraged him must pay!

      Theres a story with the Tzemach Tzedek where a Chalitza had to be done but the younger brother of the deceased was retarded (what we call today “special”) and there was a question as to whether he was allowed to do the Chalitza.

      The Tzemach Tzedek gave the retard a large sum of money and asked him to make change of it. The retard returned with the proper change. The Tzemach Tzedek then determined that if he the retard was able to make change then he was able to do the Chalitza.


      And in any case the Mossrim can excuse him all they want, it’s not only Shuchat, it was a team effort.

  2. Clearly Shuchat is the Victim Here Says:

    Shuchat is the real victim here and WIS proves this, i mean just look at all the stress he had to go through 😉

    “Shuchat: Ye I’m confused with all the things that’s (unintelligible)”

    “Shuchat: A lot of things going on over here”

    Nebach, poor guy, all confused with so many Messira he has done and so much more he was planing, he just couldn’t keep up with himself.

    Perhaps those who emailed him the complaints should have wrote it in a way that a retard with an IQ of a 7 year old could clearly understand.

  3. Toshav Says:

    Can legal action be taken against Shuchat and the shmira, it’s obvious if he was in Israel at the time of the call that he could not have known what was really happening and was making false calls?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Did anybody try to reach out to Shuchat to let him know he was busted and should stop?

    This is crazy.
    I haven’t heard the recording yet but just from reading i can tell that this guy is so obsessed with what hes doing.

  5. antimesira Says:

    I was reading over the transcripts and noticed something very interesting.

    “Shuchat: But it’s not just, wait a second, it’s not just a full, it’s not just a construction without permits, it’s full construction, they doing more then partial, wait a second, they only have partial permit to do instruction in the place…”

    The SOB was looking over an email or notes from an email he received from someone describing what the next Mesira should be.

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