The New Face For Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. Corruption and Fraud

Rabbi Moishe Feiglin, Exec. Director of A.L.I.Y.A. with Assemblyman Karim Camara of the 43rd District

Is Rabbi Moishe Feiglin, Executive Director of A.L.I.Y.A. (Alternative Learning Institute for Young Adults), the new face of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. Corruption and Fraud?



6 Responses to “The New Face For Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. Corruption and Fraud”

  1. Corruption and Fraud Says:

    With all the negative exposer the CHJCC and it’s affiliates are getting its no surprise that they would find another way, another institution to continue the corruption of laundering money, especially when ALIYA is registered as a ‘CONGREGATION’.

    Foundation Type: Church
    Filing Requirement For a Congregation: Not required to file (church).

    This is a great tool for the CHJCC to launder money undetected.

    I would suggest to Mr. Feiglin and anybody else to stay away from the people of the CHJCC, they are all corrupt, they will only destroy you.
    (something tells me that Mr. Feiglin and the others already know that and this might just be a mutual agreement. I rub your back you rub mine type of relationship.)

  2. Vi iz der emmes? Says:

    Moishe Feiglin is an ish emmes. The problem is that he rehabilitated Zaki Tamir, who was on the streets and off the derech. Tamir probably still is on the streets and off the derech, and he just used Feiglin and Aliya to get help to get a law degree.

    Now he is trying to co-opt Feiglin, who really does want to do the right thing – but who has no money. He probably won’t get a penny from the Vaad and he’ll move on.

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      This post is more about the CHJCC then Feiglin and ALIYA.

      Guilty of association.
      The fact of the matter is that the CHJCC and those who run it (Sperlin family, Yaakov Spritzer, Menachem Mendel Hendel and Co.) are all corrupt, they are Mossrim and Ganovim which all have innocent Jewish blood on their hands, anybody they are seen with, anybody they do “business” with automatically becomes a suspect of [being a partner in] corruption.

      Zaki Tamir
      Zaki Tamir betrayed all those who voted for him, hes a lier and a phony. Nevertheless, WIS wagers that although Zaki Tamir knows about all the corruption that goes on and perhaps gets kickbacks to just shut up and watch, he is not part of the inner circle (he’s not truly one of the gang) and he does not control anything that goes on at the CHJCC.

      Evident for above is the fact that when Mayor Bloomberg came to Crown Heights and all the “big-shots” (all suspects of corruption) were there and Zaki Tamir, the Chairman of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc., The man who got the most votes from the community to “represent” the community, was a no show. WIS believes that Zaki Tamir was NOT INVITED. The gang doesn’t want this new comer to get close to any politician, they want him far away from any real power or influence. Zaki Tamir is just a tag along. Still he is guilty if he knows whats going on and won’t take a stand.

  3. Vi iz der emmes? Says:

    Yes, I agree. Zaki probably just used Moishe F. from the beginning and now the tables have turned and the moisrim and ganovim are using him. Looking at the story about the bar fight, it is clear Zaki is still an oisvorf from the streets.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    You guys are such bored soles, from an unreligious kid who goes to ALiya i can tell you that the Rabbi is one of the most giving people you will ever meet. So why do you guys have to go pocking and try to find something wrong with him and the organization? everyone in the world has their problems and issues and are doing something which may not be 100% legal, but why must you guys always try to find something wrong with everyone in CH?

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