The following was sent in by an employee of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC) a.k.a. Vaad Hakol. WIS thanks the individual for having the courage to step up to the plate and take action against corruption and fraud.

Intro: As you already all know the Government (using our tax money), allocates millions of dollars to the CHJCC for the sole purpose of helping low income families. The CHJCC receives millions from various programs for specific purposes, which we all already know does not get used for those purposes but instead to fill the private pockets of greedy individuals.

Every once in a while an agency giving money will send down an auditor to make sure all is in order. Bellow you will find a report from one such audit where it was found that $80,000 dollars was illegally withdrawn from the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP).

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Loan obtained from WX $80,000, payrolls paid from funds borrowed from WX unacceptable to DHCR.  Mrs. Uminer provided me the backups  to demonstrate the return of $80k to the WX ___  & will return all monies to WX for payrolls

The CHJCC only returned the money because they were caught red handed. The CHJCC response says it all.

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 392 Kingston Avenue • Brooklyn, New York 11225
Tel.: (718) 771-9000 • Fax: (718) 778-0272
387 Kingston Avenue • Brooklyn, New York 11225
Tel.: (718) 778-8808 • Fax: (718) 774-7540

Fishel Brownstein – Chairman
Chanina Sperlin – Vice Chairman
Zev Cadaner – Treasurer
Elie C. Poltorak – Secretary
Rabbi Eli Cohen – Executive Director

October 26, 2009

Chandra Anand, Fiscal Monitor
Division of Housing & Community
25 Beaver St. 7th Fl.
Brooklyn, NY 10038

Dear Chandra,

I would like to apologize for taking a loan from W2009 to ARRA for $80,000 this wasn’t the right thing to do this was a unwise decision. The money was put back to W2009. I can assure you that this wouldn’t happen again. No loan would be taken from any program without the consent of DHCR.

Please accept my apology, I remain,

Chaya Uminer
Data Manager

Funded by: NYS Council of the Arts • NYS Crime Victims Board • NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance • NYS Department of State • NYS Division of Housing and Community Renewal • NYC Department of Youth and Community Development • NYC Department for the Aging • NYC Department of Cultural Affairs • United Way of NYC • National Grid
An affiliate of the Metropolitan New York Coordinating Council on Jewish Poverty and the United Jewish Appeal/Federation


One Response to “"Borrowed"”

  1. Auditor at Large CPA firm of Non-Profits Says:

    Ragarding the Crown heights Jewish Community Council Inc. You can see the CHJCC’s 990 tax return online at Guidestar.org if you create a free account. The latest information is a bit outdated by now though. It should in theory reflect the audited financial statements, but the preparer of the return is definitely no big name in non-profit accounting (Yehuda Bunker), not to say he didn’t do a good job on the return.
    A majority of their revenue in the year ending 6/30/09 came from government grants, with the remainder contributions and investment income. Their expenses look pretty shady. While they list grants to individuals (helping out poor people) as 261k, they list a mysterious line item of “materials” for 495k. That would never pass at my firm. A majority of the other expenses are salary related. They do not make their financial statements available to the public.

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