Cry Me A River

Regarding: Yossi Hackner’s Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. board member,  ‘Cry for Help’

Those who fund all the lawsuits and Messira for the CHJCC a.k.a. Vaad Hahol, should also fund this!!!

Update 5-18-11: Just by the way,  since when did Yossi Hackner become the face of the one who has to worry for Braun? Whatever happened to Zaki Tamir, why are the crooks and Mishichist Mossrim at the CHJCC giving us a new face to represent everything Braun?

Something truly smells here.

Where are all the big-shots that steal millions from the community? Where are all those that launder millions, are their washing machines out of order? Where is Yaakov Spritzer, Mendel Hendel and the Chanina Sperlin Family?

For court and Messira there is an overflow money, but for your “Rov” and helping needy families there isn’t?

Those who brought Braun to Crown Heights, should pay for the rest of their lives.

Those who voted for Braun should pay for the rest of their lives.

Bottom Line: We can close down the CHJCC and it’s “Beth Din”. All that has emanated from those entities is controversy after controversy, pain, suffering and Messira (lawsuits/court cases).

Notice how it is only those Mossrim who have initiated Messira (going to court), who were always the ones who yelled “Koved HaRabonim” and currently trying to convince us we need a Beth Din. We all know these Mossrim could not care less for Rabonim or a Beth Din. Their actions speaks louder then words.

(More about the CHJCC/Beth Din relationship coming up…Headline: Illegal and Wrong: The Beth Din Of The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.).

If you haven’t found a proper Rov until today, then your never going to find one. Had you been interested in having a Rov you would have found one long ago.

Now for some good humor:

EXIT QUESTION: Why would those pledging only do so on condition that two additional signatures  be put on the Vaad account? Who were those two signatures to be?


6 Responses to “Cry Me A River”

  1. Why they aren't dishing out the cash Says:

    The big shots amongst the Mossrim are not dishing out the cash for Braun because they did not get the victory they expected.

    More about this to come…

  2. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Oy just by the way WIS was right when on October 10, 2010 the following was posted:

    HaRav Yossef Yeshaya Braun Robs Crown Heights

    HaRav Yossef Y. Braun, newly elected Rabbi to Crown Heights, Husband and Father to eleven children has made his demands.

    1. A Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars a Year.

    2. A House (paid for by the community of course).

    3. Paid tuition for all his eleven children school education and camp.

    Let’s do some simple math:

    Vaad Hakohol of Crown Heights has announced a special drive to reinstate the Mas Hakohol communal tax in the Chassidic neighborhood in Brooklyn.

    The annual amount is now $180.

    Let’s say that all 2,100 voters were to pay the $180 tax, how much would that be?

    180 x 2,100 = 387.000

    387.000 – 150.000 = 237.000

    237.000 minus a house, minus a car, minus tuition for school and camp =

    What is left for Rabbi Osdoba?

    What is left for Rabbi Schwei?

    What is left for Rabbi Segal?

    Let’s not forget the poor widow of Marlow, whose son and son in-law campaigned for Bruan, she needs to get a salary as well.
    How many of you make $150.000 a year and live rent free and have their tuition and house paid for?
    So whose exactly going to pay for all this, will is be the collective/community or some private individuals?
    Because in this bad economy who has $180 hard earned dollars to just give away to someone who did nothing to earn it.
    Does he have Smicha???
    Does he have Shimush???

    Truth be told those who bought Bruan to Crown Heights and campaigned for him don’t really want him here and have no intention of paying him.

    This past Sukkot in Chanina Sperlin Sukkah a conversation between the so called “Bruan” people took place and it went as follows:

    A Crown Heights resident asked Yaakov Herzog, Yisroel Sandhaus , Mendle Hendel and Mendel

    Schneerson who were all sitting together as to any updates regarding Rabbi Bruan and his salary.
    To this Sandhuas responded in laughter and preceded to state, “Don’t you know we don’t and never have had any intention to bring Bruan here, let him stay in Sydney”.

    The resident then asked them why they bought him here and campaigned for him if they never had intentions of actually making him a Rov. To this Sandhuas replied, “The whole purpose of this whole Din Torah was just to take down Osdoba and to give the people the illusion that change was happening, now that the Din Torah is over, Bruan could stay in Sydney”.

    There you have it folks, Crown Heights was doped and fell for a fast one. They let us believe that we were getting change, that we could go out, vote and make a difference. The joke in on all of us, especially those who voted for Oboma, I mean Bruan.

    Just look at the joke with the Vaad. We voted for Zaki Tamer and we end up with Mossrim like Chanina Sperlin, Elie Polotrak (whom we voted out), and Mendle Hendel, what a joke!

  3. Insideman Says:

    “since when did Yossi Hackner become the face of the one who has to worry for Braun? Whatever happened to Zaki Tamir, why are the crooks and Mishichist Mossrim at the CHJCC giving us a new face to represent everything Braun?”

    They feel that Zaki Tamir is (thanks to WIS) already tainted. They think by sending in a new face the people will respond.

  4. 98 Says:

    is his salary 150 or 98 K?

  5. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    UPDATE May 22, 2011:

    Someone made two good points over Shabbos regarding the $18,000 being asked for Braun’s container.

    1) Since when does it cost $18,000 for a container, the most such a move should cost is $5,000.

    2) For $18,000 dollars you can get new stuff (a house full with much cash left over). Whats on that container worth $18,000?

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