Mishechistim Mossrim Terrorize Shliach in 770 – Steal His Teffilin + Exclusive Photo Revealed

Mishichistim Mossrim throwing holy books and benches in 770 Eastern Parkway

CROWN HEIGHTS [CHI] — A Shliach was the victim of Tzfati terror while in 770, after much verbal harassment his Tallis and Tefillin were stolen.

The incident occurred yesterday, Tuesday, in downstairs 770 where a group of Tzfatis, who are in Kevutzeh, began harassing the Shliach. The Bochurim were upset over the Shliach encroaching on ‘their own’ mushrooms territory.

The harassment began with them shouting “you are fighting the Rebbe” and “you must do Teshuva”, but when words failed the group resorted to stealing his Tallis and Tefillin and refused to return them.

At first Kvutzeh Hanhalah refused to get involved, but after a warning that the authorities would be called the Tefillin were swiftly returned.

The thief was identified as Mendel Amitai, a Bochur from Hertzeliah in Israel who is in his second year of Kvutzeh, has been involved in a number of incidents in which he terrorized others who don’t follow in his own agenda.

Earlier this year Amitai beat up a Bochur and breaking his glasses, he was helping out the Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim with arranging places for Bochurim to stay. The same individual stole a box of Kovtzim on Lag Baomer because they didn’t have ‘Yechi’ on them.

Shalom Cohen, another Tzfati who has been in Kvutzeh for over four years, stole the pants of another Bochur who was in Mexico helping out the Shliach this past Pesach. Cohen also served as a witness and testified against the Shomrim Six in court last year.

Hanhalah of the Yeshiva refused to comment on questions asking why these Bochurim are still welcome in yeshiva.

Correction: The Hanholo of Kvutzah, Rabbi Kuti Feldman, did in fact help out and fought to have the Tefillin returned. Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba, who was in 770 when the incident occured, gave permission to call the police if the Tefillin weren’t immediately returned.

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EXIT QUESTION: Why hasn’t the Hanhalah of Central Lubavitcher Yeshiva  770 taken any action against these Mishichist Mossrim all these years, why did they ignore all Mishichist acts of violence and mesira, why did they refuse to assist the Shomrim Six when asked for help?

What divine providence that last night (before reading or hearing about the story posted above), WIS started to write a post with the following headline: Menachem Mendel Hendel, Central Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim and 749

Exclusive Photo Revealed: Sent in to WIS vie email by an anonymous sender

A snapshot from the video played in court in the Shomrim Six trial shows Yaakov Shatz (center) who testified as a "victim", grabbing onto a Shomrim Volunteer collar with a fist ready to punch.


3 Responses to “Mishechistim Mossrim Terrorize Shliach in 770 – Steal His Teffilin + Exclusive Photo Revealed”

  1. Mendy W. Says:

    this guy is out of control , as are many of the mishichist bochurim.

    if these guys dont like how you daven, or if your tefilin bag doesnt have yechi written on it, they feel they have the right to violate the torah by vandalizing your property

    this has to stop before crown heights turns into new square

  2. Steve770 Says:

    Those guys should be stopped asap!
    It is the worst Chilul Hashem I have ever seen…

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