Menachem Mendel Hendel Above and Beyond

274 Kingston Ave. Brooklyn, NY: The Premises, designated as a student dormitory shall be used and maintained as a student dormitory.

Regarding: 274 – 276 Kingston Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11206
Cross Street(s): Eastern Parkway and Lincoln Place

Chaired by:
Menachem Mendel Hendel (a.k.a. Mendy or Mendel Hendel).

City Zoning laws for the above location is maximum three floors so how is it that Mendel Hendel was allowed to construct a building of five floors?

Mr. Hendel was able to bypass city zoning laws by claiming to be constructing a Student Dormitory. By claiming this, Mr. Hendel would be exempt from many zoning restrictions.

See for yourselves:


DECLARATION, made this 27th day of .July, 2006, by Chabad Hospitality Center, hereinafter referred to as the “Declarant,” having an office at 744 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, New York 11213.

WHEREAS, the Declarant is the fee owner of certain lam in the City of New York, Borough of Brooklyn, designated as Lot 38 in Block 1264 on the Tax Map of the City of New York, and known as and located at 276 Kingston Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11206, hereinafter referred to as the “Premises,” and more particularly described by a metes and bounds description on Schedule A annexed hereto and by this reference made a part hereof; and

WHEREAS, the Declarant has requested the New York City Department of Buildings(the “Department”) to act upon the Application and to issue a certificate of occupancy to the completed structure so that it can be used as a Use Group 3, Student Dormitory as defined by Title 1, Section 51-01(b) of the Rules of the City of New York (“RCNY”); and

WHEREAS, prior to acting further upon such Application and prior to the issuance of such certificate of occupancy, the Department has required the Declarant to execute and file this restrictive declaration.

NOW THEREFORE, Declarant does hereby declare, create, impose and establish the following:

1.        The Premises, designated as a student dormitory shall be used and maintained as a student dormitory as defined by 1 RCNY § 51-01(b), or other New York City Zoning Resolution Use Group 3 use.

2.            Under no circumstances shall the units in the Premises designated as a student dormitory be offered for sale pursuant to a cooperative or condominium plan.

3.            The Declarant agrees to forego defenses to the enforcement of the provisions of 1 RCNY § 51-01.

4.            The Declarant shall prominently display the name to and address of the school(s) for which the Premises serves on the exterior of the Premises.

5.            This Declaration shall become effective immediately and shall continue in effect  and can only be modified, amended or terminated with the written consent of the  New York City Department of Buildings or any successor agency which consent  shall not be withheld, delayed or conditioned in the event a zoning change is           adopted or variance is granted which would permit the use of the completed structure as  Class A multiple Dwelling without classification as Use Group 3, Community Facility Dormitory and further  provided that a new Certificate of  Occupancy is obtained permitting occupancy as a Use Group 2 multiple dwelling. This Restrictive Declaration shall not prohibit or impair issuance of an amended Certificate of Occupancy as a Use Group 2 multiple dwelling in the event of a  zoning change or a variance.

6.            The obligations in this Restrictive Declaration are conditioned upon (a) issuance of permits required for the construction of the structure by the Department to the Declarant (or his agents, servants and/or employees) as contemplated by the Application within a reasonable time following delivery of proof that this Restrictive Declaration has been recorded and that a lease for the Premises has been executed by the Declarant and a Qualified Institution and (b) the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy upon completion of the new building structure in compliance with the Application.

7.            The covenants set forth herein shall run with the land and be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the Declarant and a Qualified Institution and their respective heirs, legal representatives, successors and assigns.

8.            Failure to comply with the terms of this Restrictive Declaration may result in the revocation of a building permit or certificate of occupancy.

9.            This declaration shall be recorded at the city register (county clerk’s) office against all affected parcels of land 2nd the cross-reference number and title of the declaration shall be recorded on each tempo racy and permanent certificate of occupancy hereafter issued to buildings located on the Premises and in any deed     for the conveyance thereof.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Declarant has made and executed the foregoing Restrictive Declaration as of the date hereinabove written.

Chabad Hospitality Center
BY: [Singed] Menachmen Hendel

 State of New York,
County of-KINGS ss:
On the 27th day of July in the year 2006, before me the undersigned, personally appeared, personally known to me or proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence to be the individual whose name is subscribed to the within instrument and acknowledged.

We the residents of the Crown Heights community know that Mr. Hendel has no plans to use the above property for a “student dorm”. Rumors are that Mr. Hendel is planing to rent out rooms to various guest.

Even the Messianic (Mishichist) web-site (owned  by Mendel Hendel) says nothing about about a “student Dorm” when referring to the above property.

The Countdown Is Almost Over

Dining Hall, Guest Rooms Ready

The countdown to the completion of the Eshel Hachnosas Orchim building, is almost over. The building, situated on Kingston Avenue and Eastern Parkway, will host hundreds of guest rooms for the Rebbe’s guests. Unfortunately, the construction was not finished on time to open it’s doors to the thousands of guests who came to spend Tishrei in 770, however the planned completion date is just two months away. Recently the guest rooms, and dining hall were completed ( 17 Cheshvan 5770 (04.11.2009).

The images we see above are not one of a Yeshiva Dormitory.

What “Yeshiva” did Menachem Mendel Hendel claim was going to reside in this “Dormitory”?

C of O Comments for PAA Document 08 Modifying Document 01


7 Responses to “Menachem Mendel Hendel Above and Beyond”

  1. mosrim Says:

    even Hendel would not let his mishichist Tzvati terrorist occupy his own property.

    they can occupy other properties (oh others account) but not his.

  2. ExMishichechist Says:

    Everything Hendel does is crocked.

    Anybody who associates himself with Hendel is questionable.

    All these people “donating charity” to Hendel organization (the Mishechist movement) is most likely doing some shtick or another.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    This is the same scam they pulled at 580 Crown with Eli Cohen and co., designate condos for ‘Faculty’ and earn tax benefits and some air rights.
    No real institution/faculty?! – No problem, just open up a new corp, call it CYTTL, wash all the condos through there and everybody wins.

  4. confused Says:

    to every agency Hendel seems to be something else.

    To the IRS hes files one thing to the building department another.

  5. question Says:

    Mr. Hendel was able to bypass city zoning laws by claiming to be constructing a Student Dormitory. By claiming this, Mr. Hendel would be exempt from many zoning restrictions.

    How so? How by claiming to be a dormitory would he be allowed to bypass zoning laws?

  6. cam Says:

    this property just sat back in 1991 for many years it sat as 2 empty freshly built town houses, if u look at the structure today u would never known what it really was before they built over and over it.

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