Efraim Setton and Paul Huebner Arrested For Assault

Levi Paul Huebner in the official lawyer for the CH Shmira which in under the leadership of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.

CROWN HEIGHTS [CHI]Efraim Setton and Levi Paul Huebner were arrested Wednesday morning after they beat up another Jew and attempted to flee from police.

The incident took place at around 8:15am in front of 836 Montgomery Street near the scene of a car accident, where Setton attacked another Jewish man, kicking him and knocking him to the ground and proceeded to pummel him, kicking him in the legs and face.

Tens of people rushed to the victim’s aid after he cried for help, EMS and Police heard the cries as well and rushed over. As officers approached, Setton fled into the building and hid inside his apartment and refused to open his door to police.

EMT’s took the victim into an ambulance and began treating him for his injuries to his head, face and legs. He was later transported to a local hospital for further treatment.

As the victim was being treated, a police officer spotted Setton leaving his apartment building and running into a waiting car. Once inside, the car reversed down Montgomery Street at a high rate of speed, prompting police to call for backup and chase the car, which they stopped near the intersection of Albany Avenue.

The driver was the lawyer Levi Paul Huebner who is Setton’s father in law. When police approached the vehicle, the occupants refused to open the doors and refused to comply with police orders. Finally police got the door open and immediately placed Hubener in handcuffs as he was screaming “I’m in COP, I’m in COP, I need a hospital.”

Police attempted to get Setton out of the car but he refused and resisted as well.

After inciting a massive scene with many onlookers police managed to take them both into custody, between the two of them they were charged with Assault, Resisting Arrest and Evading, as well as Obstruction of Governmental Administration among other charges.

Mossrim and Ganovim Chatting it up: Paul Levi Huebner, Yaakov Spritzer and Efraim Setton

Best Buddies: (L-R) Paul Levi Huebner, Chanina Sperlin, Elie Poltorak and Inspector Peter Semminetti of the 71st Precinct

Representing? (L-R) Chanina Sperlin, Elie Poltorak, Paul Levi Huebner and NYPD CommissionerRaymond W. Kelly


13 Responses to “Efraim Setton and Paul Huebner Arrested For Assault”

  1. zaidy Says:

    i hope they never get out of prison

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. antimesira Says:

    This has been a long time coming, Baroch Hashem!

  4. apropos Says:

    Why the agonizing long wait for the pics and details, please don’t make us wait anny longer

  5. antimesira Says:

    You forgot the photo of Huebner sitting besides Dov Hikind.

  6. Anon Says:

    Why did they give him the pleasure of being cuffed by a female officer? :-/

  7. Show Me The Money Says:

    Setton just purchased a brand new vehicle for the amount of $43,000.

    Where did he get this money from?

  8. Does anyone know ? Says:

    What is missing from this article is, what was the fight about ?
    And what , if any, was the connection to the motor vehicle accident that was taking place at that time ?
    Anyone know anything ?

  9. Anyone know ? Says:

    Well, it would be an interesting coincidence that there is a car crash and someone gets pummeled and there is no connection.

    Was he involved in the crash ?

    Anyone have the entire story ?

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      WIS has no clue as to any connection and does not believe there has to be one.

      Setton and Huebner have gotten away with so much until today, from assaulting and stealing from many others, they don’t need a reason, they do it because they have gotten away with it and feel untouchable.

      Why are you so surprised of the fact that evil does indeed exist in this world?

      About the other side of the story. Setton and Huebner will now have that opportunity to tell their story in the court of law.

  10. anxious for good news Says:

    to the one that askes where ephrayim the ganif setton got money for a 43.000 dollar car when you steal over 100.000 to 200.000 dollars from local businesses then you have lots of money the man should be hospitalized together with his asshole fatherunlaw

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