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July 29, 2011

Backround: 580 Crown Street. Brooklyn, NY

Update to CHJCC: The Eli Cohen Trust Fund



Quote of the Day: Whatever You Do, Just Don’t Wound the Bear

July 25, 2011

You don’t exactly have to be Grizzly Adams to know that if you go out to shoot an Alaskan bear, there is one rule that rises above all others. Whatever you do, just don’t wound the bear.

Kill it, miss it, don’t shoot, run and hide, whatever. But if you hit it, you better kill it. Because the last thing you want coming after you is an angry wounded Alaskan bear with nothing to lose.

If the Alaskan Grizzly emerges unscathed from all the the hate, prejudice, and distortion that she has endured so far from those wishing for her downfall, then there will be no stopping her.

(Excerpt) Read more at, Washington Times

History Repeats: The Fischer Saga, The Story Of Crown Heights

July 24, 2011

The Dovid Fischer saga is the story of Crown Heights. The corrupt community leaders of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc., along with their Rabbonim and allies, dragged the entire community into their communal wars over three decades ago. Since that time, the in-fighting, hatred, and internecine battles, have grown unceasingly. While Dovid Fischer is no longer at the epicenter, the communal wars still rage on. There are new names and faces, and still some of the old ones too but, the same methods of operation have always been used. This includes a corrupt cabal that has maintained control over the mechanisms of local political power and influence. This cabal has been using fear, intimidation, bullying, deceit, bribery, and a myriad of the same underhanded dirty tricks used by tyrants throughout history.  These methods have been tested and proven to work over time, as there is nothing new under the sun.

As illustrated in George Orwell’s seminal book Animal Farm, corrupt totalitarians of all kinds gain their power through focusing on and creating an outside  enemy or group of enemies.  Maligning and slandering this outside enemy, whether it be Dovid Fischer, Aguch/Krinsky the Shomrim/Hershop brothers, is essential if the cabal is to gain the loyalty of the masses. Fanning the flames of fear and hatred among the people arouses their need and desire for the cabal’s leadership and protection.  Help us and support us, the cabal will claim, because if not, the enemies, who are far worse than we could ever be, will take over.  Classical scapegoat theory comes into to play as the Dovid Fishers and the Hershkops of the world become the ‘Jews’ of Crown Heights- convenient targets upon whom to place all the blame. No money for community programs? The CHJCC is ineffectual, even harmful to the community? Not their fault! If only the Fishers and/or the Hershkops would get out of their way everything would be wonderful.  It’s an old con game however, and the good news is that the con is up. The corrupt ones have overplayed their hand.


Where is the Crown Heights Beth Din?

July 17, 2011

(R) Sign of Beth Din hanging in front of CHJCC offices. (L) Beth Din sign taken down

Why was the Beth Din sign removed?

Hint: The signs were taken down the same week THIS was posted.

Stay tuned…More to come!

UPDATE: This post went up on WIS  on July 17,2011 at around  11:30am  (Yesterday –  Sunday morning). Monday July 18, 2011 the Beth Din sign is back up on the doors of the CHJCC. The sign has been down for over three months.

Fools fools fools, who are you fooling?

Stay tuned more to come!

P.S. When WIS ask a question it’s because there is an answer. The CHJCC took down the sign when WIS started asking question, they took down the sign because they knew the answer. In their foolish minds they think that the answer/facts will somehow change if they remove the sign. Now they think that by putting back the sign they will change the facts. The question is still a question and the answer (the facts) are still the same. All the CHJCC is doing is playing tug of war with itself.

Flash Back: Threats and Intimidation

July 15, 2011

The following letter was written on June of 2001.

Who wrote this letter? To whom was it referring to? Did the Crown Heights Rabbinical Court (Beth Din), which is an extension of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. authorize this letter?

To Detective Kevin McDonough:

As per Mr. ——- conversation with the office of the Crown Heights Rabbinical Court, (“Beth Din”) they have set forth the following requirements in order to obtain a hearing between both parties.

1) Under the current circumstance the Crown Heights  Rabbinical Court will not entertain Mr.——— with a hearing unless he meets the following demands.

2) Submit a written and notarized letter stating his apology for his involvement in the vandalism and destruction of the rabbinical courts bulletin box and bulletin board that was placed in 770 Eastern Parkway (and subsequently Mr. ——- was caught on video, and was arrested by the police dept. and is now involved in court hearings for his actions) and once his written apology has been submitted he must comply with all decisions in a timely manner rendered by the rabbinical court.


AGAIN: Bochur Beaten in 770 by Mishichist Tzfatis Mossrim

July 15, 2011

Schneur Pugatch (inset), on the background of past Mishichist Tzfati violence. Illustration Photo.

CROWN HEIGHTS [CHI] — A Bochur was beaten yesterday in 770 while davening Shacharis by a Tzfati bochur. He was grabbed by his ear and slapped across the face, while others just watched and did not intervene. Hanholo refused to comment or take action.

The assailant was identified as Schneur Pugatch, a graduate of the Mishechist Yeshiva in Tzfat, who had returned on Wednesday from a trip to India.


One Year Later

July 14, 2011

One year later: April 13  has long past and yet we haven’t heard anything about the momentous Psak Din Issued on Vaad Hakohol and Rabbonim Matters. No excitement, no exaggeration/propaganda about how Crown Heights has been a much better place since. Nobody taking credit for this great “Din Torah” which lead to the great “Psak Din” that would change Crown Heights forever.


New Bank Account Same Old Crooks

July 11, 2011

The Vaad Hakohol announced that a new committee, comprised of five community members, has been formed to organize the funding of the Beis Din.

Chabad Info
3 Tamuz 5771 (05.07.2011)

The Vaad Hakohol announced today that a new committee has been formed to organize the funding of the Beis Din. The new committee is to be called Vaad Kupas Rabbonim. The committee has five members: Shmuel Chanin, Vaad Hakohol Chairman Zaki Tamir, Zev Cadaner, Mendel Schneerson, and Rabbi Mordechai Chein.


Did You Know That…Informing on Molesters – Not Messirah

July 11, 2011

This is indeed a distraction and WIS will not waste to much cyberspace on this stupidity. I’ll just borrow from the comments on CHI  regarding this matter.

9. Hypocrites wrote:

Yaakov Schwei is guilty of the transgressing on “Lo Taamod Al Dam Reiacha”.


On The Communities Dime

July 6, 2011

Question: What is the salary for the  executive director of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. Eliyahu (Eli) Cohen?

Answer: That all depends where you look…