New Bank Account Same Old Crooks

The Vaad Hakohol announced that a new committee, comprised of five community members, has been formed to organize the funding of the Beis Din.

Chabad Info
3 Tamuz 5771 (05.07.2011)

The Vaad Hakohol announced today that a new committee has been formed to organize the funding of the Beis Din. The new committee is to be called Vaad Kupas Rabbonim. The committee has five members: Shmuel Chanin, Vaad Hakohol Chairman Zaki Tamir, Zev Cadaner, Mendel Schneerson, and Rabbi Mordechai Chein.

In the coming weeks, the committee will be setting up a Website with information about the Beis Din. A mailing to the community is being prepared and a person will be engaged to collect Mas Hakohol commitments. A bank account was set up exclusively for this purpose, and all money donated will be deposited only to this account.

Even before the committee begins full operation, over 250 community members have either paid their Mas Hakohol obligation or signed a pledge to pay it out over a year. It is well known that the Rebbe personally participated in Mas Hakohol (see below).

In the meantime, the committee encourages everyone to not wait for the call. Please mail a check today to Vaad Kupas Rabbonim c/o Vaad Hakohol
392 Kingston Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

or go online to the Mas Hakohol page here and enter your Visa or Mastercard information to process your payment.

For starters the CHJCC has no annoced this news anywhere, not on the CHJCC official web-site, not on their private blogs, and not on any newsletters. In fact none of the above three methods of communication have been used in months.

Down to Business: The “New Committee”, who are they?

Shmuel Chanin: A person with an agenda. Connected to the Mishechist party whose leader in Menachem Mendel Hendel.

Zaki Tamir: A loser who betrayed the community that voted for him. Didn’t clean house and joined the gang of corruption.

Zev Cadaner: Board member of ‘Congregation Ohr Menachem‘. Cadaner was a CHJCC board member for a good part of 2009 and mostly 2010.  It is WIS believe that the non-for-profit*  ‘Congregation Ohr Menachem‘ was used by the CHJCC with the help of Mr. Cadaner to whitewash funds given to the CHJCC by way of government grants.

*“Legal basis for public charity or private foundation status (FNDNCD): 10 – Church”, 
they legally don’t have to file taxes etc… this would be a perfect place to wash a lot of money.

Mordechai Chein: It has already been pointed out by WIS , Mr. Chein is a board member of CHABAD LUBAVITCH HOSPITALITY CENTER ESHEL HACHNOSAS ORCHIM INC., which is chaired by Menachem Mendel Hendel (a.k.a. Mendy or Mendel Hendel).

New Bank Account:
The heat must be on* the old bank accounts the CHJCC has been using until now to launder money and therefore the need to open a new accounts.

*as a result of WIS great work on exposing the fraud and corruption taking place at the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.

Over 250 Community Members:
Who are the 250 laundry machine members who are ready to be under investigation?

EXIT QUESTION: How were the Rabbis paid past years? Why is that option not on the table anymore? Was that option legal?

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5 Responses to “New Bank Account Same Old Crooks”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    1. If I remember correctly, according to the Zablo Psak Din this “new” Vaad would be illegal, a no no.

    2. Why the need to open a new bank account? Whats wrong with the one thats already put in place?

    3. Who decided on this “new” Vaad and why these guys?

    4. If over 900 residents voted for Braun then why are there only 250 that donated to the cause?

    5. Whatever happened to those that pledged vast amounts for this “great cause”?

    6. Why indeed was this “great news” not reported on Zaki Tamirs Blog?
    Why wasn’t this reported anywhere official?

    7. Can anybody explain why we need this Beth Din in the first place?
    After all, all the people behind this phony Beth Din are the Mossrim who have been taking innocent good Jews to court in any case, what the hell do they need a Beth Din for?

    8. DISTRACTION: If we are talking about Braun (good or bad), we are not talking about them ripping off the community of millions od dollars, therfore they (the crooks) are happy we are talking about Braun, this is exactly what they want. So, let’s mover on, back on track…

  2. Tosahv Says:

    A new day in Crown Heights a new committee.

    Just one year since the “great elections” and they are already making new Vaads.

  3. Open your eyes Says:

    If osdabama is against Harav Braun Shlita and Rabbi Schwei he should not be paid at all. Osdaba was against Rabbi Heller, Rabbi Schwei and is now fighting Rabbi Braun. Osdabama made Heller resign. (His wife’s illness was only a face saving excuse) Osdaba wants complete control so that he sons could get jobs and all the money from Kashrus.

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      Funny thing about your comment.
      If I or anybody else would have told you these very thing [that you write] only about two years ago you would have lashed out calling me every dirty name in the book.
      All of a sudden Osdoba is not Kosher for you? What happened, you realized the truth?

      WIS does not take a side in this matter for WIS sees all this as divine providence. All those [from top to bottom] that attacked the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt”l and his Mosdos, all those that justified and excused Mesira (going to court etc…), are getting their just punishment [including Osdoba]*.

      * Marlow also got hit and hit hard as a result of trying to destroy the Lubavitcher Rebbe and justifying Mesira.

      That said, all those puppet master that were controlling Osdoba (and now are against him because they lost control) are the same puppet masters who are currently behind the creation of Schwie and Braun.

      These same puppet master have been stealing millions from the community and they only want the Kashrut so they can have the money all for themselves. As far I I as an observer see it, let them all kill each other.

      The goal here is to shut down the corrupt CHJCC and IT’S corrupt Beth Din.

      In Conclusion: your a hypocrite with an agenda.

  4. Open your eyes Says:

    I was one of the first to realize that osdabama was a fraud. His original agenda was to fight Rabbi Fisher who did more for the schuna than anyone else. Would osdababa show his books or documents to any bais-din to show what he did with any tzedaka funds or any Kashrus money that he received. When Moshiach is revealed “Yisbarrow Vislavnu Hadvorim”. Therefore Osdabama is fighting the revelation of Moshiach so he could remain in power and have complete control.

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