Flash Back: Threats and Intimidation

The following letter was written on June of 2001.

Who wrote this letter? To whom was it referring to? Did the Crown Heights Rabbinical Court (Beth Din), which is an extension of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. authorize this letter?

To Detective Kevin McDonough:

As per Mr. ——- conversation with the office of the Crown Heights Rabbinical Court, (“Beth Din”) they have set forth the following requirements in order to obtain a hearing between both parties.

1) Under the current circumstance the Crown Heights  Rabbinical Court will not entertain Mr.——— with a hearing unless he meets the following demands.

2) Submit a written and notarized letter stating his apology for his involvement in the vandalism and destruction of the rabbinical courts bulletin box and bulletin board that was placed in 770 Eastern Parkway (and subsequently Mr. ——- was caught on video, and was arrested by the police dept. and is now involved in court hearings for his actions) and once his written apology has been submitted he must comply with all decisions in a timely manner rendered by the rabbinical court.

Click Image to view original letter (names redacted)

3) Mr. ——- must make a public apology in 770 Eastern Parkway in the main Shule which is located on the main floor from the main entrance on Eastern Parkway, on Friday night following the main maariv services, or Saturday afternoon following the musaf services, and he must stand on the main stand (birnah) where all public announcements are made, his apology must be made for all to hear, addressed to the rabbis who sit on the Rabbinical Court and there respective elected officials, his apology shall include his verbal attacks on the Rabbis, the rabbinical court system of crown heights, and the elected officials who represent the Rabbinical Court, and for his complete disregard for the authority the rabbinical court holds, and for any actions he has taken that has undermined their respect and authority.

4) Mr. ——- must submit to the Beth Din Tzedek of Crown Heights, of which Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba is the head Rabbi, the following signed, notarized written statement “I———, after careful consideration and due deliberation, do absolutely and unconditionally agree that I recognize the authority of the Beth Din Tzedek of Crown Heights (the “Beth in”) as final arbiter of disputes within the Crown Heights Jewish Community. I unconditionally agree that I shall, whenever summoned by the Beth Din, promptly appear before the Beth Din to resolve any past, present or future dispute(s) between myself and other member(s) of the Crown Heights Jewish Community, and that when I have disputes against other members of the Crown Heights Jewish Community I shall submit these disputes to arbitration before the Beth Din. Any member of Crown Heights Jewish Community may submit this statement to a court of competent jurisdiction to compel my appearance at arbitration before the Beth Din, in any civil matter in which I am a party, or any entity I control is a party. To the extent I now have filed complaints or started legal action against other Crown Heights Jewish Community members in forums other than the Beth Din, I agree to withdraw and not pursue those complaints or action in any forum other than the Beth Din to the fullest extent the law permits.

A member of the Crown Heights Jewish Community, as used herein, shall include any Jewish person residing within two miles of the intersection formed by Kingston Avenue and Crown Street, Brooklyn, NY”

5) Both letters must be submitted by 4:00pm on 6/26/0 to the rabbinical court either hand delivered to the secretary, or sent certified registered mail.

6) The public apology must be made by the Friday evening 6/28/01 or Saturday afternoon 6/29/01

7) Should Mr. —— fail to comply with the demands set forth by the Crown Heights rabbinical court in the time given, the crown heights rabbinical court will conclude that Mr. —— has failed once again to recognize the authoritative structure of be crown heights rabbinical court, and this offer will be void until such time that he can satisfy the Crown Heights Rabbinical Court that he is true and honest when he wishes to bring his disputes to the Crown Heights Rabbinical Court instead of the police dept. or the N.Y.S. court system.

Exit Question: Was the person this letter was referring to intimidated in anyway?


One Response to “Flash Back: Threats and Intimidation”

  1. Dictatorship Says:

    This is exactly what the Mishechist Mossrim party, mendel Hendel, yaakov Spritzer, Chanina Sperlin and gang wanted to bring back to Crown Heights in last years elections for the Beth Din.

    They thought they could strengthen THEIR Beth Din once again so they may once again use THEIR Beth Din to harass, intimidate and yes even get fellow Jews arrested in the name of the Beth Din.

    Had the Mesira gang succeeded we would see more letters like the one posted above.

    Thank Hashem they failed and did not have the victory they wanted.

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