CHJCC Has Plenty Money For Lawsuits…No Money For Needy Families

The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. (a.k.a Vaad Hakoul) claims not to have any funds to help the needy of the Crown Heights community. Yet, in fiscal year 2009-2010 the CHJCC reported spending $104,177 on legal fees.

In fiscal year 2009-2010 the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc., was  ILLEGALLY in control by  Chanina Sperlin, Eli Poltorak, Zev Cadaner and Fishel Brownstein, with Eli Cohen as executive director .

On what legal fees did the above individuals spend $104,177?

Was this money used to pay the Zabla Beth Din, which was held in fiscal year 2009-2010? If so what gives them the right to take these funds from the CHJCC?

The Zablo Beth Din ruled that new elections were to be held as a result of the previous elections being questionable. Any money these questionable “elected” individuals took from the CHJCC they must return, especially if they used it for the Din Torah.

Where did this money come from, did it come out of grant money meant to help the needy? If so that would be illegal.

Did it come from individuals? If so, then…1. What horse did or do they have in this race? 2. Why would they want it to pass through the CHJCC bank account, instead of giving it direct to the Beth Din?

Most importantly, how is it that the trouble rousers at the CHJCC always seems to have an influx of case when it comes to “legal fees” (lawsuits), but when it comes to helping  the community they are all out of cash?

Families don’t have funds to put food on their tables, but the CHJCC always has plenty for lawsuits?

Families are falling apart, they cry for help…The CHJCC is busy with lawsuits?

What the hell is going on here?


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One Response to “CHJCC Has Plenty Money For Lawsuits…No Money For Needy Families”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Notice how the CHJCC reports spending $55,478 on accounting fees.

    This is an attempt (do to the fact that WIS has been exposing corruption and fraud at the CHJCC), to give the illusion as if they are trying to get things is order.

    More about this to come…

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