Shmira Mesira Member Yitzchok Shuchat Makes A Funny



5 Responses to “Shmira Mesira Member Yitzchok Shuchat Makes A Funny”

  1. LOL Says:


    laughed so much i started to tear

  2. What has Yitzchok Shuchat been up to these past few months... Says:

    …since he was busted/exposed?

    The answer is right hereā€¦

  3. Shuchat Coming Back to USA Says:

    A bunch of Shmira Mesira guys were at the Ohel this past Motzie Shabbos.

    Lieb Skoblo, Yaakov Prager, Menachem Kosolovsky, bunch of Ezeguis, Shadya Notick and Khan to name a few.

    They then proceeded to Shuchats father grave.

    It seems that this week the Israeli courts with decide as to whether Shuchat will be expedited.

    I hope he does come back to face justice.

    The Mossrim above were not praying for Shuchat but were praying for themselves. When Shuchat returns and starts to speak, some of the names above are in big trouble (possibly facing trial themselves).

    Who else was involved in the beating of Charles?
    Who told Shuchat to run and why?
    Who paid for his tickets (to fly to Israel)?
    Who communicated with him (almost daily)?
    All these questions and more will finally be answered.

    Isn’t it ironic and hypercritical that the same Mossrim which orchestrated the Shomrim Six trial and then later prayed that the Shomrim Six be found guilty and sit for 15 years in prison, are now trying to avoid true justice?

    What happened, court is all of a sudden a bad thing? Wheres the trust is the justice system? Where the trust in a jury of 12?
    Why all of a sudden the change of heart?

  4. antimesira Says:

    The best way to describe these Mossrim thugs is COWARDS.

    They hit you when you have your back to them or your down.

    They run away when you get back up.

    They cry like babies when you protect yourselves against them.

    They –the Shmira, CHJCC, Mishichist party and Co,, who by the way are all one of the same. – will orchestrate a campaign of harassment, intimidation and Mesira against you for years and years, with absolutely no mercy, but when they finally start to get some back, when you finally start to fight back, they will cry “NOW, THE LINE HAS BEEN CROSSED!”. Only when they feel the pain do they finally find that line.

    To late!

  5. Show us the good stuff Says:

    Screw Shuchat, hes a brainless foot soldier who was taking orders.

    Why don’t you post the good stuff, the recordings of Lieb Skoblo and Yankle Spritzer?

    I know it exists, I have friends who said they heard it, why wont WIS post them?

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