People Getting Fired, Eli Cohen Gets A Raise

Two female employees have recently been fired from the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. by executive director Eliyahu (Eli) Cohen. The reason given is  “lack of funds”; “no more money in the community council”, they claim.

The thing is that while some are being fired for “lack of funds”, others like executive director Eliyahu (Eli) Cohen has  given himself  a raise.

On July 6, 2011 reported the following:

Question: What is the salary for the  executive director of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. Eliyahu (Eli) Cohen?

Answer: That all depends where you look…

If you look at the ‘New York State Energy Services Bureau Data Collection & Management System’ Dated: 03/25/10 Part 3 – Salaries and Fringe, you will discover that Mr. Cohen makes a total of $85,000 a year. Pretty good no?

But when looking at what was recently filed (05/11/11) to the IRS for the fiscal year beginning 07/01/09 and ending 06/30/10 you will discover…

…that Mr. Cohen only makes $43,741.

So which one is it? Is it as he filed to the NYS ESB ($85,000) or is it as he filed to the IRS ($43,741)?.


Where did the millions off dollars the Crown heights Community Council received from government grant disappear?

One thing we all already know, it didn’t go to the needy of Crown Heights, it was not used for what it was allocated for.


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