Two Years Ago Today: Jury Selection for the Shomrim Six Trial

[10/28/2009] A grueling full day of jury selection took place in the New York State Supreme Court today, where six community members are facing serious criminal charges and can face a possible lengthy prison sentence.

The prosecution and the defense polled prospective jurors as to their work and interests in order to determine if they each can function as a fair and impartial judge based on the facts that will be presented during the course of the trial.


The six defendants are members of Shomrim who responded to an incident in December of 2007, which took place inside of 749 Eastern Parkway, one of the dormitories where Bochurim who come from Israel to study in k’vutzeh reside. The incident began Erev Shabbos when a group of Bochurim attempted to force another Bochur out of his room. When he showed resistance, the Bochur was attacked.

Later that Friday night, this Bochur, Chaim Dovid Wilhelm, asked one of his uncles if he could stay with him in his house for Shabbos. When asked why he needed a place to sleep when he already had a dorm room, Wilhelm explained that he was being kicked out of his room and that he was afraid to sleep there. Together with two of his uncles, Wilhelm returned that Motzai Shabbos to the dorm and attempted to settle the argument, but the situation grew out of their control. They called Shomrim to assist in settling the dispute.

Two Shomrim members responded to the scene, and after nearly 20 minutes of back and forth arguing, the matter seemed to have been resolved. As the group prepared to leave, the door opened and a mob of angry Bochurim entered the room, led by a cameraman who was filming the scene. The Shomrim members, fearing for their safety and the safety of others involved, called for backup and police assistance.

The group pushed and shoved as over 30 people packed into the tiny room. Shomrim members tried to exit the room, but were prevented from doing so. A brawl broke out and when police finally arrived on scene the incident was under control.


After the incident, a number of the Bochurim, aided by another Crown Heights volunteer patrol group, were taken to the hospital, feigning injury. They then filed police reports against eleven of the Shomrim members who were present. Six of those claims made it to the present court case.

After a tremendous amount of political pressure was placed on the police department and the district attorney, Shomrim was charged with Gang Assault in the 2nd degree, Assault in the 2nd Degree, and Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the 2nd Degree – All charges of felony carrying significant jail terms if convicted.

Today the defendants stand trial in Ceremonial 1 courtroom in the New York State Supreme Court located at 320 Jay Street, before the Hon. Judge Albert Tomei.

Pidyon Shvuim

A collection fund for Pidyon Shvuim was established in an attempt to offset the costs of the trial. Organizers of the fund said that many donations have come in from Crown Heights and Flatbush, as well as from other parts of the world. “We are very encouraged by the amounts that have come in, but we still need more,” said one of the organizers, adding that they have established the site where donations can be made by credit card.

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מעשה הנבלה שהיה (Hebrew)


7 Responses to “Two Years Ago Today: Jury Selection for the Shomrim Six Trial”

  1. Blood Libel Says:

    The shomrim Six Mesira was nothing short of a blood libel, not just against the Shomrim but against the entire Crown Heights community, just imagine how the Mossrim would rule our streets had the Shomrim g-d forbid been convicted. There would be threats of Mesira daily by the Mossrim gang.

    You want to see a real gang assault….

    Did I mention that the Shomrim six mesira was a blood libel?

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      just imagine how the Mossrim would rule our streets had the Shomrim g-d forbid been convicted.

      There would no doubt be lots of threats, intimidation, harassment and Mesira.

      The Meshichist Mossrim and Co. new motto would be “get in line, do as we demand or well lock you up like we did the Hershkops/Shomrim”.

      As a matter of fact, at the time of the trial, the Mossrim were already saying that to people.

      The Shomrim Six case had nothing to do with an assault/749, for the Mossrim this was the first step to hijack Crown Heights once again.

      Every resident of Crown Heights should thank g-d almighty that the Mossrim did not succeed.

  2. Justice Seeker Says:

    …”Anshei Domim Umirma Lo Yechtzu Yemaihem”
    …”men of blood and swindle may their days be halved!”

    For every action there is a reaction.

    Those responsible to make this Mesira/Blood Libel happen (and any mesira) must pay the price, they must be punished.

  3. Rubashkin = SHOMRIM ? Says:

    i was wondering than and still wondering now.
    if all jews would be as outraged from the masira as for the
    “Rubashkin” saga. wouldn god just listen and not put any Jew away ?
    what a shame that some jews asked to put other jews in jail.

    but evryone was ” busy ” with the rubashkin saga.

    remember a JEW is a JEW you cant pick and choose.

    i never saw any of the Rubashkins help the shomrim case.

    as a metter of fact the Rosh Vaad Hakohol was Moshe Rubashkin
    did he do abything to help the shomrim ??????

  4. For the record Says:

    Had any of the Shomrim been found guilty, they would have spent their prison time in a prison reserved for violent criminals.

    How long do you think they would have survive in such a place, months, weeks, days or hours?

    A guilty conviction would have been a conviction for death.

    Fathers and mothers would have lost their children.

    Children would have lost their fathers. etc…etc…

    Those who were responsible for this Mesira/blood libel, are standing on innocent Jewish blood.

    Mida Keneged Mida!!!!

  5. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    The Hypocrisy: Shomrim Six Mesira And Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin Lynch. Mesira Vs. Antisemitism, whats worse?

  6. Mendel Hendel Loves His Mossrim Says:

    This past Tishrei the Mossrim Shneur Rotem and Shuki Gur, both who testified against the Shomrim Six, a despicable action, in one of the worse Mesiras in Jewish History, were able to stay with their wifes comfortably in Crown Heights, compliment to the corrupt Mendel Hendel and his corrupt money laundering organization (Chabad Lubavitch Hospitality Center Eshel Hachnosas Orchim Inc).

    Shalom Cohen, another Mosser who testified against the Shomrim Six, has been employed by Mendel Hendel for many years now, even at the time he was testifying in court, he was employed by Mendel Hendel.

    Mendel Hendel supports Mossrim and the Mesira they do!!!!

    I feel bad for those people, those lower elements that chose to do Mesirah, particularly since we mention them in our prayers three times a day, dedicating a special blessing in Shmoneh Esreh about the Mossrim.

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