COLLive: Tearing Apart a Community

Although it has been happening for years,  Collive has finally recognized that theres Mesira in Crown Heights and they actullay present Mesira as a bad thing.

This is quit surprising, for after all Collies has been glorifying Mossrim and the Mesira they do, especially these past two years.

Collive basically ignored the Shomrim Six trial, which was taking place only a few short blocks from Crown Heights.

Collive was the Mosser Chanina Sperlins and Co. media whore. Chanina Sperlin is a Mosser and Collies, promotes him at every opportunity they can.

Collies justified wrongful police action, which  resulted in a Jew getting hurt (only because thats what the Mossrim at the CHJCC wanted).

The Mesira article on collies:

Oct 29, 2011

Tearing Apart a Community

From the COLlive inbox: A Crown Heights mother describes how a recent messira affected her and her child at daycare.

Dear COLlive,

On Monday this week, I sent my child to daycare as I do every morning as part of my daily routine as a Crown Heights mother. During the day I received a phone call from the Morah regarding my daughter. I had to come back to Crown Heights in order to pick her up.

My first thought obviously was that she was either hurt, in danger or chas v’cholom may have endangered another child, but it didn’t make sense because my daughter is boruch Hashem a very calm child and I know the women who run the program and they are very responsible with the kids.
Perhaps it was health? I knew she was feeling well recently but who knows.
Well, I was close.

The main Morah at the day care began to explain that she was calling all the parents in the play group because the Health Department came to visit and would not leave until all the children had been picked up from their location on Montgomery Street. I came within the hour and brought my child to a friend.

After the day’s end, I called the Morah to ask the details. She said she wasn’t sure exactly who called the Health Department but the Health Dept representative did say she’s surprised they were called because the play group is so neat, clean and organized that it would pass a health inspection in a heartbeat.

The Health Dept representative continued surprisingly, “It’s weird that we got this call because we know there are many play groups in the area because of how many kids you guys have – but it’s weird because Jews don’t usually tell on other Jews, the only reason we followed such a lead is because its location was so descriptive.”

My fellow readers, for me it’s not the biggest deal in the world for me to disrupt my day for my child. The reason why I’m writing into COLlive is because I care for the community. I’m sure I am not the only one who struggles to make sure I can depend on a play group that I know she (my child) is getting a positive atmosphere in a cute and clean environment. To hear that another Jew will put another 15 children struggling to find another similar establishment is somewhat overwhelming.

My request is simple. As Jews we are family. If we have an issue with one another that doesn’t affect our day to day lives so horribly perhaps sometimes it is in everyone’s best interest to confront the person and try to resolve it together before calling. We are unfortunate to have read where it is important to go straight to the authorities when the time is right, but something like this makes me sad that it couldn’t have been talked out first. I love this Morah’s play group and hope everything is resolved as soon as possible.

Thank you for listening.

Collive inbox was full of emails about many Messiras taking place in the Crown Heights community, all emails which were ignored, why did Collive wake up now?

Exit Question: Now that Mica and Yossi Soffer have recognized Mesira, will they continue to promote Chanina Sperlin and Co.?




3 Responses to “COLLive: Tearing Apart a Community”

  1. antimesira Says:

    Unfortunately people only understand what Mesira is when they are personally Massered on.

    Unfortunately mesira has been taking place in Crown Heights for well over 40 years.

    Unfortunately Mesira was justified and excused (must of the time the CH Beth Din who are paid by the CHJCC, making them the CHJCC/Cabal hitman, would come out with a letter justifying Mesira).

    Unfortunately collive chose to stand with the mossrim.

    The only reason collive brings attention to mesira mesira now (as if it’s a new phenomena, is because the mossrim are getting hit back..I’ll assume from their complaining that they are getting hit back.

    It’s to late to make people care about mesira. Those who have been doing mesira all these years have made people numb (careless). Now when they shot and scream in pain, nobody will hear them, nobody will care. They have only themselves to blame.

    Fortunately, there are a few who still do care.

    Fortunately, there are those who had enough (of Mesira, corruption and fraud).

    Fortunately, there are now those who are fighting back!!!

    Thank You WIS for doing your part.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This story NEVER happened

    Mica machshaifa Made Up Lies

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      Whether the actual story is true or not (for this issue) is irrelevant, the point of the story was that Mesira is happening, so therefore…

      The question remains, why did Shoffer all of a sudden want to bring up the subject of Mesira?
      Whats all of a sudden inspired them to report something which has been right in front of them all these years?
      Why after supporting Mossrim all these years are they talking about Mesira?

      You see my friends, for every cause theres an effect.

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