CHJCC Takes Your Money And Spends It On Branding

A new awning was put on the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. on Kingston Avenue

My question to you is, if someone buys a pair of military fatigues from the clothing store, is he a special-ops soldier? If he claims he is, saying: “look, I even have the clothes,” You would laugh at him. One is not considered a special-ops soldier simply by calling himself one, nor by owning of a uniform. There are training procedures that have to be fulfilled, as well as constant vigilance and the strict following of rules. (Quote borrowed from Op-Ed: ‘Chabad Lite’)

What is the idea of this? What purpose does this have? How does this help anybody bottom line? Why the name change?

Where did the money for this come from?

Most importantly, where has the millions of dollars from government grants meant to help the needy of the Crown Heights community gone, puff, disappeared, vanished?!

Instead of putting up signs and/or slogans, Zaki Tamir the chairman of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. should tell us what he has been doing for the community since he was elected. He can start with answering the questions posed above. (mainly the important one about the millions missing).

Recap: Corruption and Fraud at Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC)

Stop the Corruption Stop the Fraud!


4 Responses to “CHJCC Takes Your Money And Spends It On Branding”

  1. anti yechi? Says:

    wheres the yechi?

    every organization without any substance has to have yechi as a slogan!!!

  2. Fraud Says:

    here they go again with their meaningless illusions

  3. Lets Play Says:

    This is like a crappy restaurant (with bad service and food), thinking that putting up a new sign and printing a new colorful menu is going to change things.

    Ha, this is to funny, like children’s games.

  4. Mendel G. Says:

    Congratulations WIS!!!

    What the CHJCC is doing is only as a result of what WIS has been doing.

    WIS has exposed the corruption and fraud at the CHJCC, so now they are reacting by doing this.

    The thing is that its much to late for them to change anything now, the truth is already out there, a sign change won’t convince anybody.

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