Hypocrisy: Prison Good For Shomrim Six But Not For Shuchat?

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In a letter trying to convince you to help the Mosser Yitzchok Shuchat, dated  November 20, 2011. Barry Sugar makes the following argument (amongst many to be discussed in future post).

“…Further, we have learned from statistics and documented cases that should Yitzchok be tried in New York, he would be subject to anti-Semitic, brutal and vicious assaults in prison.”

In ‘Among Righteous Men‘ (page 172), Matthew Shear writes:

…”[Aron] Hershkop wondered how long his brothers and friends would last in lockup. He gave Gadi a few weeks, maybe a month, but the rest? Dicey. Six Yids in yarmulkes and thick beards. Might as well plaster targets to their backs.

For months now, long before the grand jury came down with its indictment—long before the civil lawsuit was served—Hershkop had attempted to use every ounce of his considerable political sway to get Huebner to back off. He had spoken to members of the Jewish Community Council, pleaded with cops and liaisons with City Hall, requested audiences with the most senior of the Chabad rabbonim, and thus far, he had gotten mostly lip service. Sure, moderates regarded the messianists of 749 as a nuisance at best, and they agreed that Huebner’s involvement in the criminal trial was disgraceful, but what could be done? Huebner was his own man, they told Hershkop. He would get his comeuppance, in this world or another. Be patient.

Hershkop thought of the computer printout that Ben Lifshitz had hung over his computer desk: “When a good man is hurt, all who would be called good must suffer with him.” But Euripides hadn’t understood Hasidic culture, how messed up things could get, how two-faced people could be. He made suffering sound noble. In Hershkop’s experience, it was not noble. It was excruciating—a dirty business.”

The Hypocrisy: Where do these Mossrim think the Shomrim Six were going to spend their prison sentence had they G-d forbid been found guilty? In Chayolei Hamelech, or where Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin is spending his time (like he’s in Kollel learning Torah)?

Where was the outcry two years ago?

There was no outcry. In fact the same people trying to convince you today to help this “poor husband and father”, the Mosser Yitzchok Shuchat, were praying, rejoicing, doing everything they possibly can (by applying political pressure etc…) to make sure that the Shomrim Six Gadi Hershkop, Chaim Hershkop, Yehuda Hershkop, Nechemia Slatter, Benjamin Lifshitz and Zalman Pinson, (husbands, fathers, sons, volunteers, neighbors and friends) would be prosecuted and sent off to prison for 15 plus years. A prison where they would be subject to anti-Semitic, brutal and vicious assaults (and lets not forget the rape).

Were not these very same individuals praising the District Attorney Charles Hynes for prosecuting the Shomrim Six, two years ago? Where not these same individuals the very same people who claimed, “Let the jury decide”, “If their guilty then they deserve to go to jail”, “Let the justice system do it’s thing” etc….  Didn’t these same individuals distribute to our homes and posted on their web-sites (at the time the Shomrim Six were on trial), propaganda with the headline “THE VICTIMS WANT TO BE HEARD”? Read all the comments HERE, HERE and HERE.

What happened now? What changed? Two years ago Charles Hynes was a hero, a Jew lover and now all of a sudden hes an anti-Semite? Please somebody explain this to me!!!

Time Tells All:

I love time. As time passes more pieces of the puzzle are gathered and peoples true intentions are revealed.

The first and last time we heard from Barry Sugar and his phony organization ‘Jewish Leadership Council‘, was in 2008, four years ago. Barry Sugar became a “concerned citizen” only after Yitzchok Shuchat, a Shmira member, assaulted Andrew Charles and fled to Israel.

Barry Sugar  took to the streets to “fight for justice”, as a result the then Deputy Inspector Frank Vega* was transfered to a different precinct. The new Inspector, Peter Simonetti took the criminal Shmira gang under his protection and proceeded with a vicious campaign of intimidation and harassment against Shomrim.

And thats when Barry Sugar vanished, disappeared, puff just like that he was gone.

* Vega had a great relationship with the Shomrim. This is something the CHJCC did not like and did everything they can to get rid of him and the Shomrim. Read more HERE.

Since 2008, many Jews have been viciously assaulted and wrongfully treated by the police department  and yet there was no Barry Sugar, there was no ‘Jewish Leadership Council’, There was no ‘Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, inc., there were no letters, there was no Internet post, there was no taking to the streets in protest, our hero Barry Sugar was gone, dead!

Only to be resurrected on November 21, 2011 (after almost four years of silence),  for who? For Shmira  member Yitzchok  Shuchat?

Does anybody see a pattern here or is it just me? Does anyone see an agenda here or is it just me?

Where was Barry Sugar, the CHJCC and Dov Hinkind these past four years? Where was he for all the victims of muggings, vicious attacks, police abuse and Mesira?

Where was the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, inc. all these years? Where were they for all the victims of muggings, vicious attacks, police abuse and Mesira? Where was their letter of protest (against Mesira) and support for the Shomrim Six?

Where was Dov Hikind “the savor of the Jewish People”, for all those Crown Heights Jews who have been victims of muggings, vicious attacks, police abuse and Mesira since 2008? Where was he when Six Jews (fathers, husbands, sons etc…) where facing 15 plus years prison?

Why are they waking up now? Whats the Agenda?

Why are they so scared of Yitzchok Shuchat coming back to face justice?

Much Much More to Come.


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18 Responses to “Hypocrisy: Prison Good For Shomrim Six But Not For Shuchat?”

  1. Story Changes Says:

    Did you notice that all of a sudden Andrew Charles was throwing rocks on a 14 year old Jewish girl.

    After all these years, they finally decided to insert a “victim” in the story.

    The shmira/CHJCC version of the story has been posted online and in comments many times since 2008, never was a 14 year old Jewish girl mentioned. Where was this “victim” all these years?

    Now she should be 18 years old, let her come out and say her side of the story (surly she witnessed the whole thing go down). Surly Hatzola came to treat her and wrote a report about it.

    Well find out by trial.

  2. Rape in Chayolei Hamelech Says:

    Where do these Mossrim think the Shomrim Six were going to spend their prison sentence had they G-d forbid been found guilty? In Chayolei Hamelech,…?

    If by Chayolei Hamelech you mean the Meshichist summer camp owned by the Mosser and Ganev Yaakov Spritzers, managed by his son-in law Shlomie Rutman, then theres a most likely chance, maybe 93% that they would be sexually assaulted there as-well.

  3. John Doe Says:

    Wondering where this Jewish leadership council, which I have never heard of before has “First hand knowledge…. of the charges againts shuchat Etc.?” Was this organization present at the assault on Charles? Working for the Police department or the DA’s office? I’m confused, if this organization feels so confident of shuchats innocents, and lack of or flimsy evidence against him, then I would think that they should be writing the Minister of justice of Israel to send him back quicker to finally clear up the non-issue in the criminal court on 320 Jay St in Downtown Brooklyn NY.

    After all the Shomrim Six had a tough case against them with live witnesses/”victims”, a hardcore video “proving” the vicious assault against innocent “lads”, and a non-Jewish, possibly “Anti-Semitic jury, yet the Shomrim Six prevailed after a six week long trial. Surely “Politics” have no place as evidence in a court of law, so whats the fear of a fair trial by a 12 person jury of shuchats peers when the case against him is so flimsy.

    shuchat should be in and out of court before you can say Shomrim Six six times or three times “kiss my ass”.

  4. Pidyon Shevuyim? Says:

    I heard first hand form one of the Shomrim Six that when Rabbi Bogomilsky – May Hashem Bless him, came out with a letter in support of the Shomrim Six

    The Mossrim of Crown Heights called him non stop to complained/harassed him that hes helping the Shomrim.

  5. BOTTOM LINE Says:

    whomever is behind this “freeyitzi” campaign is a total idiot.

    These so called “supporters” are only making matters worse for Shuchat. They should get some advice, maybe ask the Shomrim Six who have more experience in court cases for proper advice on how to proceed.

    In fact, if i wanted to screw Shuchat, I would be doing exactly what they are doing, I would destroy Shucuat by supporting him.

    To late for them to late for Shuchat now, whats done is done.

    Message to the so called “supporters” of the mosser Shuchat:

    You screwed him once, by setting him up to beat Charles, you screwed him twice by telling him to flee, you screwed him three by advising him to make those 311 calls and you screw him yet again, with this so called support.

  6. CH Shomrim Six Says:

    all of a sudden justice is a dirty word, who know.

  7. Chaim Says:

    As a strong believer in G-d almighty one must believe that whats happening now with Shuchat is Hashems justice.

    Everything is coming full circle. Everything is from Heaven.

  8. Why Did They Wait? Says:

    The Million Dollar Questions:

    Why did the CHJCC, Barry Sugar, Dov Hinkind and Co. wait until the very last minute to “help” shuchat.

    Why didn’t they lawyer Shuchat up in 2009 when the District Attorney made the request to expedite Shuchat?

    Why didn’t they lawyer him up when he was arrested a few months ago?

    Why did they only wake up now, when he has to appeal the decision to be expedited?

    Do they think they can make more money now? Is this another way they can use Shuchat?

    I agree with WIS and especially like the comment by John Doe,
    “….if this organization feels so confident of shuchats innocents, and lack of or flimsy evidence against him, then I would think that they should be writing the Minister of justice of Israel to send him back quicker to finally clear up the non-issue in the criminal court on 320 Jay St in Downtown Brooklyn NY. “

  9. In The Know Says:

    90% of these people signing letters in support of Shuchat where approached by Aron Hershkop when it was discovered that it was Shuchat making the 3111 calls.

    Aron H. Asked them to reach out to Shuchat and ask him to stop. They either laughed at him (like they did with the Shomrim Six trial) or they just shrugged it off, claiming there is nothing they can do.

    We now see how two faced these people have been. They have been behind Shuchat all this time, they could have stopped it but didn’t.

    I guess they thought Shuchat was untouchable in Israel. They were wrong. Now they will all pay.

  10. Yossi Hackner Says:

    Is there any way you can really believe that by a jew sitting in prison u will have gotten justice, is exile is israel not good enough for you?

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      “Is there any way you can really believe that by a jew sitting in prison u will have gotten justice,”

      If you believe in G-d almighty then yes you have to believe that this is justice. It has always beens suspected that theres a bigger picture behind the Shuchat incident. In recent months it has become a realty. This is not only about Shuchat, this is much bigger. Shuchats only a key, he will unlock many doors. So yes, this is justice 100%!!! No mercy, no compassion, no more excuses.

      is exile is israel not good enough for you?

      Really, you really making this argument? How did the Mosser Shuchat spend his exile in Israel, what did he occupy himself with almost 100% of his time with? Please Mr. Kackner, remind us.

      BTW, you assume that Shuchat is guilty and will be sent to jail. If he is indeed guilty then why shouldn’t he go to jail.

      Besides it looks like the point from the post above just went flying over your head, your not so bright are you?

  11. Mossrim wake up!!! To late!!!! Says:

    I like how the Mossrim (the crying Mossrim) have all of a sudden discovered concepts like…

    Ahavas Israel

    Rachmones – Mercy


    Sinas Chinum – Baseless hate

    and the most laughable one of them all…

    Mesira is wrong!!!

    Cry babies cry, you ain’t seen nothing yet!!!

  12. Screwing Shuchat Says:

    This Pidyon Shvuyim campaign for Shuchat will only make matter worse for him. It will do more harm then good.

    Look at the damage the Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin campaign caused, it defiantly didn’t help him, in fact i believe had the campaign been low key, Rubashkin would have received a lesser sentence.

    But who really cares, a lot of people made a lot of money of the “Pidyon Shvuyim”, so why stop.

    Bottom line, many are going to get rich. The person they trying to help will get screwed.

  13. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    JUST IN:

    Barry Sugar has been a shmira Coordinator for over two years.

  14. antisemitic and racist Says:

    A message to:

    Dov Hinking, Chanina Sperlin, Barry Sugar, Laivi Freundlich, Zaki Tamir, Eli Cohen, Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. and Co.:

    Two years ago when you stood by silence while six of your own fellow Jews were being maliciously prosecuted by fellow Jews, were you then antisemitic for standing idle while the Jews fight it out, or better yet arranging that one Jew should fight another?

    Are you now a racist for only getting involved in the Shuchat case because it’s Jew against black? Which is it?

    Maybe it’s both!!!!


    Photo: Laivi Freundlich takes a leading role in demonstrating assaults against Jews in 2008

    Where has LAIVI FREUNDLICH been for the Jewish community since 2008 and why has he all of a sudden woken up now, towards the end of 2011?

    • Laivi Freundlich agenda? Lots of Green Says:

      Since 2008 Laivi Freundlich has been busy purchasing a home on Montgomery St.

      Since 2008 Laivi Freundlich has invested about half a million dollars in construction in his new home.

      In 2011-2010 Laivi Freundlich is a half a million dollars in dept.

      So what is Laivi Freundlich agenda? Making as much money as possible to pay off his dept.

      It’s all about the money. It’s always all about the money.

      On a side note: Talking about home construction, how would Mr.Laivi Freundlich have handled someone making daily 311 calls dispatching almost every agency in the city to his house, on a daily basis? How much would it cost him? Would he have been able to finish his home? Would he be another half million in dept? What would he do to catch the caller and make him pay?

  16. Who would miss Shuchat? Says:

    Want to hear something odd?

    If Yitzchok Shuchat was to get hit by a truck and die, it would be the Shomrim who would be mourning over his death.

    Those claiming to be supporting him would be relieved and rejoiceful that hes out of the way [meaning: he wont be a problem for them anymore].

    Shuchat is a small tiny key that will open many large doors. Some people want the key here and some want the key as far as possible, even destroyed.

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