Assemblyman Karim Camara and the CHJCC

Assemblyman Karim Camara visits Crown Heights

In continuation of: Why Are The Politicians Coming To Crown Heights…

New York State Assemblyman, Karim Camara represents over 135,000 constituents in the 43 Assembly District, which includes parts of Crown Heights, Lefferts Gardens, and East Flatbush communities in Brooklyn, New York.

Between the years 2008 and 2010 Karim Camara distributed $340,500.00 between 72 organizations in his district. And another (additional) $321,500.00 was distributed between 2 organizations alone, the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. (CHJCC)  and the Shalom Center (old age home), which is an affiliate of the CHJCC.

The CHJCC (one organization) got from Karim Camara almost the exact amount distributed to 72 other organizations together.



2 Responses to “Assemblyman Karim Camara and the CHJCC”

  1. chjcc Insider Says:

    and did i mention

  2. Anonymous Says:

    look into shimon hertz – so called director of shalom center

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