Meshichist Mossrim Violence

Regarding: Scuffle Breaks Out in 770 over “Yechidus” and all the other  Meshichist Mossrim Violence which takes place almost daily.

770 Eastern Parkway is wired with surveillance cameras covering the whole outside and inside of the building. Any act of violence or theft  is bound to be caught by the cameras.

It’s high time Aguch/Merkoz release the footage anytime these incidents accrue . In fact they should release all the footage they collected (and saved) throughout the years.

Also, those being attacked by these Meshichist Mossrim thugs, should not hesitate to press charges and have these thugs prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


3 Responses to “Meshichist Mossrim Violence”

  1. Meshichistim are Cowards!!! Says:

    Did you notice: The Meshichistim will always initiate the street fight but then run and scream like cowards when you give them back (some street fighting).

    Meshichistim brake all the rules (when attacking those they disagree with) and then conveniently find their moral compass when they get it back (when you defend yourself).

    With people like these (meshichistim thugs, mossrim, bullies etc….) there is no room to talk (work things out). Theres nobody home in that regards.

    The only way to get rid of them is to defeat them. Beat them at their own game.

    We must be the better people. Whatever they do to us, we must to better [back] at them!

  2. Mendy G. Says:

    Just wondering, how exactly is showing the footage going to help the situation?

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      Good question, one I’ll be glad to address.

      1) Releasing video surveillance of acts of violence and other misconduct:

      This helps, because nobody (even Tzfatim Terrorist) wants his picture and name (reflecting something negative) on-line, for everybody to see. How much more so a video showing violence.

      I know this from this very web-site (WIS). At one point this web-site posted a name and photo of a Tzfati who attacked non-meshichistim in 770. Hours later the whoisshmira email was full of request from (his) family and friends begging WIS to take down the post.

      I know that the mossrim who testified against the shomrim six, can’t sleep at night because of the web-site

      I know (i have evidence and proof to back this claim) that the Mossrim of Crown Heights (the cabal), can’t sleep at night because of the web-sites exposing who they really are.

      So yes, it will help.

      2) Pressing charges and going all the way to actually prosecuting these Meshichist Mossrim thugs to the full extent of the law:

      Not much to explain here.

      The individual who gets arrested (and later prosecuted) with defiantly never get involved in acts of violence ever again. in fact, any time something starts up, he will run for his life. The individuals friends wont ever get involved in acts of violence.

      Now, this is only effective if the victim of the meshicihst violence presses forward to a full prosecution under the law.

      Once upon a time, an arrest was good enough to quit things down for a few months. But not anymore. Unfortunately the Meshichistim have gotten used to having the charges dropped by their victims.

      The reason you all drop your charges is…
      a) as a result of the Meshichistim putting pressure on you and your family to drop the charges. Your weak, you get intimidated and so you cave in. They rejoice in their “victory”, and continue to hurt others.

      b) You convince yourself that your “going to be the better person”, “the meshichistim have learned their lesson” etc…etc… many other bullshit self-righteous excuses. When in fact by not pressing forward you are encouraging more violence and someone else will get hurt.

      c) Your own people get in the way. The so called moderates* convince you not to press forward.

      *The Moderates (in any level of politics), in my opinion are the worse. The moderates on our side, never seem to do any good for our side. Their selective morality only shows up to help the other side (the enemy). < I can write a whole post just on this subject alone.

      d) Your an idiot!

      To end off:

      A better question to ask…

      1) Why doesn't Aguch/Merkoz release the video surveillance and press charges (when Meshichist damage their property or hurt their people)? Why won't they assist us in doing so?

      This my friend, is another question I would be glad to respond to.
      Perhaps a different time

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