Good News: Inspector Peter Simonetti Is Gone

Just In: Inspector of the 71 Precinct Peter Simonetti is out. Simonetti has been transferred out of the 71st Precinct. Thank G-D and good ridden.

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The 71st precinct needs a complete and full clean up. It’s not enough that we have a new inspector/commander. All of Simonettis henchman must go with him. The old guard has been poisoned with hate and propaganda. There is no return for these officers, they can not serve all residents of our community with fairness. The realty is that they are now bias towards many as a result of the hate and propaganda they were feed these past four years. (from comment #21 I Am Shomrim on CH.INFO)

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10 Responses to “Good News: Inspector Peter Simonetti Is Gone”

  1. The New Guy Says:

    Captain John J. Lewis, who is currently assigned to the 76 Precinct in Brooklyn South, will take on the job as Commanding Officer of the Precinct, which is located in Crown Heights, beginning on April 12.

  2. Inspector Simonetti Removed from 71st Precinct Says:

    Crown Heights [CHI] — In what can only be described as a Passover gift to the Crown Heights Jewish community, the NYPD’s top brass have decided to reassign the much maligned commanding officer of the 71st precinct, Peter Simonetti, to a non-command position in the Brooklyn North police district.

    Officer Simonetti will be replaced by incoming Commanding Officer Cap. John J. Lewis of the 76th Precinct.

    Officer Simonetti was well known in the community for his apathy toward the Jewish community in Crown Heights and their concerns. In particular, he took pleasure in intimidating and harassing the community’s Shomrim volunteer patrol, which often had to fill the wide gaps in security left by police under his watch.

    In an interview with, one Shomrim coordinator had this to say about the outgoing commanding officer: “In my 22 years as a Shomrim volunteer, we have never had to deal with a worse commander.

    It is our hope and prayer that the incoming commander will bring a breath of fresh air and positive change to our community and our neighborhood,” he added.

    When Simonetti first arrived in Crown Heights in the summer of 2008 to replace inspector Vega, there was much excitement and hope that the community would finally be able to count on a police chief who took a tough stance on crime. Unfortunately, we were very quickly feeling bitter disappointment.

    Aside for the severe increase in violent crime during his command, as well as a number of arrests of Jews for crimes committed against them – which incurred the public’s outrage, Simonetti persevered despite his toxic presence. He made it his business to get involved in the politics within the Jewish community, and was persuaded to use his position as a law enforcement officer to persecute the community’s volunteer patrol, Shomrim.

    “Police are to remain an impartial witness and are to act under the law, not an inch more or less,” said a Shomrim spokesperson; “we also hope that police see Shomrim as the valuable resource it is – a group of responsible volunteers who care for the community they live in, and make use of this valuable tool rather then try to persecute it into extinction.”

  3. CH Resident Says:

    What upsets me the most about the CHJCC manufactured controversy regarding “Shomrim Shmira issue” is the fact that for over 10 years the CHJCC has used their shmira organization, the police department and mesira in an attempt to shut Shomrim down. They used propaganda to try an convince us not to call the volunteers in Shomrim when WE need assistance, BUT (and this is where i get upset), never gave us another alternative that would come to our rescue when we need it.

    In other words: all they wanted was to destroy shomrim, leaving the people of Crown Heights with nobody to call when in need.

    I’m glad that Shomrim was able to stand up against the giants that where sent to destroy them. i’m glad that Shomrim choose not to give up but instead to stick around and support the community with their assistance.

    Thank you Shomrim for supporting Crown Heights!!!

  4. COP program Says:

    i wounder what will be now with the cop program?

    i have a feeling its going to shut down, now that Simonetti is gone and the purpose of the program – to close down the volunteer patrols – was not met, there is no reason for it.

  5. COL/CHJCC Reports Says:

    New Chief Meets Local Leaders

    By COLlive reporter

    Captain John J. Lewis, the newly assigned Commanding Officer of the New York Police Department’s 71st Precinct, was quick to begin making his rounds to meet community officials.

    Transferred from the 76 Precinct in Brooklyn South to the Crown Heights base, Captain Lewis will be replacing Inspector Peter Simonetti beginning April 12, 2012.

    Hours after his nomination, Lewis held his first acquaintance meeting with Yossi Hackner, Vice Chairman of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council and its Director for Intergovernmental Affairs, Chanina Sperlin. Also present was Eli Slavin, Community Liaison for Congresswoman Yvette Clarke.

    The other members of the Crown Heights Vaad Hakohol are out of town for the Pesach Holiday and will be meeting him on another occasion.

    Captain Lewis has a fondness for Crown Heights as he was born in the neighborhood – at the hospital which was located years ago at the site that is now the Crown Condos at 580 Crown Street.

    According to one of the meeting’s participants, Lewis said that he began his career in Crown Heights 20 years ago, and he has a great respect for the local Lubavitch community and the Rebbe, who he remembers well from when he worked here.

    He related that he understands the special needs of the Crown Heights community, whether it is extra security due to high visitor volume or high profile locations, or maintaining peaceful race relations in the area, since he worked here in the past.

    “Captain Lewis comes with high recommendations from all over the city,” a person famillar with NYPD workings told

    “I look forward to working with the community for the benefit of our future,” the new Commanding Officer said at the meeting.

    Captain Lewis will be meeting in the near future with Hatzalah, school directors, and other organizations in Crown Heights.

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      Shocking and disappointing.

      WIS addressed this question before, I’ll do it again.

      There were elections for the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council. These elections are intended to vote in people we want representing the Crown Heights community. Chanina Sperlin ran as a candidate in these elections. The people voting were all well aware that of Sperlins so called “political connections” ans non the less voted him out. Sperlin was mainly voted out by the community at large on account of being a Mosser, as documented on WIS (many times) and

      But somehow, and I don’t think you will find this in any other office, somehow Sperlin is still in the Council pretending to represent the people of Crown Heights? WTF!!!!

      The Answer to why Sperlin is still at the CHJCC: The Jokes On You!

      “Chanina Sperlin is an EDP, The Sperlin family gives Chanina Sperlin a paycheck to stay away from the business”

      For years Crown Heights residents have been accustomed to saying the above statement, as to why Chanina Sperlin is not in the family business (of real-estate), and why he is always in the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC)

      My dear friends, neighbors, brothers and sister, the joke up until now was on us. The Sperlin family were laughing at all of us, all this time, while laughing all the way to the bank.

      It turns out that the Sperlin family pays Chanina Sperlin a paycheck, not that he should stay away from the business, the opposite is true, Chanina Sperlin being in the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC), is good for the Sperlin business. Chanina Sperlin gets paid to be in the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. to do his part in the Sperlin Business.

      In just a few words: Sperlin is very essential to the CHJCC corruption and fraud.

      Who Will Explain To The Community Where And How The WAP Grants Was Spent-WIS or CHJCC?

      WIS is giving the CHJCC a chance to spin this their way, so later they should not say what WIS explained/showed is not true.
      Those Who Laugh Last Laugh The Loudest.

      Stop the Corruption Stop the Fraud!

      Also See:
      Why Are The Politicians Coming To Crown Heights…And Specifically To Chanina Sperlin and Co.?

      CHJCC/Chanina Sperlin Misrepresents the Community To Have Jews Locked Up

  6. antimesira Says:

    Chanina Sperlin was voted out by the community on account of being a mosser, period!!!!

  7. taking action against corruption Says:

    It’s no secret that collive works with the corrupt chcjj. the first ones to have the story and this follow up story was collive, which means the chjcc knew about this first.

    it has to be made loud and clear to city officials that the chjcc and more so chanina sperlin does not represent the crown heights Jewish community.

    write letters to all local politicians, including the commissioner and mayors office.

    from experience i can tell you these things work.

    remember, the chjcc/chanina sperlin is corrupt and had been stealing millions of dollars, it doesn’t look good for any politicians or officers to be hanging out with these criminals.

    print out material from this web site and send.

  8. MUST GO!!!! Says:

    NYPD Police officer Richard Silverstein of the 71 Precinct must go!!!

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