Shmira Mesira Pushkas…Where Does The Money Go?

From the inbox

I noticed you haven’t posted anything about the Shmira in a long time, after all they are practically non-existence and irrelevant when focusing on the major corruption that takes place at the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, inc., however they -the Shmira- are still soliciting money and people who don’t know (the difference) might be giving and therefore I feel that this is indeed necessary, the public must know.

I noticed this Shmira Pushka at the counter of one our local supermarkets and have seen a few at other stores and I wondered…

Who physically put this pushka there?

Who collects the money once the pushka is full? Who counts the money? Who records how much money was collected? Where is it recorded how much money was collected? and must importantly, how does this money get spent?

I did a search on-line with the links WIS provided and found this:

Click image to enlarge

NOTICE: There is no mission statement and the address given as ‘location’ is 902 Broadway FL 13, New York, NY 10010, whats that all about?

Yossi Stern is signed on the only 990 form filed in 2008 (view here Download). The form has no information regarding anything, nothing about charity and funds raised, so where and who collects the money?

Would you trust Yossi Stern or Yaakov (Yankee) Prager with your credit card information?



One Response to “Shmira Mesira Pushkas…Where Does The Money Go?”

  1. ShmiraIsForDeadPeople Says:

    what is this ‘shmira’ you talk about?

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