War On Internet Is A War On Information

Another propaganda letter from the B.S. (Braun & Schwei) gang

We all know that the Crown Heights Beth Din is nothing but a tool/proxy/puppet of the Cabal that is the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. Anything (for example: letters, statements, edicts and even Psak Dinim) this so called Beth Din has done (past and present) has been on direct orders of the cabal who run the corrupt CHJCC. This fact became very obvious with THIS letter, which when coming under extreme fire was defended by non other then the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, inc. Why was it defended by the CHJCC? Becuase it was written by the CHJCC.

So when we wake up in the morning and see a six page letter at our doorsteps from the so called “Beth Din”, we ask ourselves what is the cabal up to now, what is their agenda today?

They are not fooling us by having B~S (Braun and Schwei) sign at the bottom.

סוף מעשה במחשבה תחילה

Knowing already how their propaganda works, I start reading from bottom up (from the end to the beginning), because the last part is always the bottom line, the point of the letter, the true agenda. Everything before is an attempt to dress up the true agenda in self righteousness. All the cabal is doing with the first page and half is jumping on the ban wagon, their using this war on the Internet as an opportunity to propagandize an agenda.

So the bottom line, the main point and the true agenda of the letter released by the cabal this past Friday (May 18, 2012) was to attack the local web-sites.

Why attack the web-sites (again), what is the agenda?

The answer is simple. Information is power.

In the past, before the days of Internet, it was the cabal that controlled all the information the residents of Crown Heights consumed. The cabal using grant money meant for the needy of Crown Heights (writing this printing off as advertisement) would print their propaganda (in forms of booklets) and again using grant money would distribute their message to every door  step in the neighborhood, this is how they operated for years, this is how they controlled the information. Not having to pay from their own private pockets they were able to do this as often as they liked. Anybody who has printed and distributed knows how costly it can be.

All this ended with the Internet. Once the Internet made it’s way in every home, the cabal lost their control* over the information and like I wrote above, information is power. This is why the cabal wants and needs to go back to the “good old days”. The days where only they can control the information flow.

Guess what? those days are long gone, there not coming back, the web-sites/Internet is here to stay, WIS is here to stay!!!

* This (Internet treat) holds true to all community dictators. Throughout history  the first course of action taken by a dictator was shotting down the media/press. Note: You’ll notice that also joining the war on the Internet fray are the magazines and newspapers. Business has been very hard for them as a result of the Internet.

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12 Responses to “War On Internet Is A War On Information”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Since Mendel Hendel endorsed and campaigned from Braun using his website chabad.info, based on the B~S letter, it reasons that chabad.info will be closing down. No?

  2. Potatohead Says:

    In a few years time there will be Internet at every bus stop, every subway station, every supermarket, every taxi, every city bus, there will be Internet everywhere. Theres no going back.

    Besides, Braun should lead by example and get rid of his smart phone.

  3. antimesira Says:

    Of course they want to get rid of the web-sites, esp crownheights.info and sites like this one.

    These sites have set them back a hundred years.

    No longer can they assassinate innocent people with their propaganda without being challenged.
    No longer can they steal millions without someone pointing it out.

    No longer can they harass, intimidate, mosser on good innocent people without websites like CH.info and or WIS pointing it out.

    By the way, they only mention col not to make their attack so obvious.

    You think they care about our Spirituality?

    The masters of Machlokes care about our Spirituality?
    The Masters of Mesira care about our Spirituality?
    The master of corruption and fraud care about our Spirituality?

    The master of propaganda websites are worried about websites? Yes, did you know that way before WIS (which was created in 2008), there were many other websites operated by the CHJCC/Meshichist faction?

    Remember how they used a website in the recent election for the third Rov of the Crown Heights Beth Din to shame a prominent Rov?

    WIS hit the hammer right on the nail. Their issue with the Internet is only about the fact that they don’t control it, nothing more.

    How many innocent people suffered all these years (before the Internet brought a challenge to them) as a result of their propaganda?
    Too many…too many!!!

    By the way, by posting this letter, you gave it more attention then it received on the streets, just by the way ;). And this is the reason they want to shut you down.

    Like Rabbi Manis Friedman said (HERE)…“communism was much more dangerous then the Internet”.

    I say, your Messiras on innocent Jews is much more dangerous then the Internet.

  4. Z Says:

    Braun should get rid of his blackberry.

  5. toshav Says:

    gut gezuket!!!

    continue doing what your doing. these past two years have been very peaceful in crown heights thanks to you exposing the corruption.

  6. woundering Says:

    Is jihad.info closing down?

  7. SZB Says:

    This very post is exactly the reason they want to get rid of the Internet. Anything they say or do they get exposed as the frauds they are. Good job keep it up

  8. false leaders Says:

    ofcourse the so called leaders are scared
    they are losing their grip on the people

  9. Meshchistim Vs. Internet Says:

    The Meshichist cult has done far more damage to our generation then the Internet could ever do!

    Messira is far worse then the damage the Internet has done. Internet= you hurt only yourself. Messira= You are hurting others and their families.

  10. Rush Says:

    The Democrats/Liberals want to regulate the Internet and talk radio for the same reasons. Information in power and they are losing the information war.

    This is why they are attempting to bring back the ‘Fairness Doctrine‘, which is anything but fair. This is why there is talk of regulating the Internet.

  11. Chaim Says:

    It’s important to add that even today with the Internet the average (hard) working individual with family responsibilities hardly has time to read the headlines, if he can read headlines he considers that a privilege. Must working people don’t always know whats going on in the community, even if posted on-line.

    When the cabal (chjcc) distributed their propaganda they would do so on Friday (Erev Shabbos), leaving their papers at our doorsteps and at our Shuls, as they did this past Shabbos with the B.S. papers*.

    Now the hard working individual comes to Shul and grabs any all papers/letters/Sichos etc… that are available, and now he has time to read, hence the only “community” news he consumed was that of the cabal. This gave the impression that this was THE NEWS of the community. And the conversation in Shul was of-course about the propaganda fluting around Shul.

    Today, since it’s on the Internet, people hardly speak about these things, if they do it’s by passing, since everybody assumes that everybody already saw it and either wrote or read the comments, there is nothing to add. It’s actually much more peaceful these days.

    * When i see their garbage at my doorstep and building lobby and later on in Shul I simply throw it all out. As I’m sure many do.

  12. Braunsky Says:

    Anybody who voted for Braun is plain and simply an idiot. To give your vote to someone you don’t know -for good or bad- only ten days after his candidacy was announced is intellectually dishonest, politically motivated and again plain stupid.

    I think all those that voted for this Schmuck deserve him….but almost two years since they voted him in, where are all those who voted for him, where are they, I don’t see 900 people supporting him?

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