Tzfati Thugs Savagely Beat Homeless Man

This morning at approximately 2:00 AM, two Tzfati thugs savagely beat a homeless man who often collects money at 770. Following the cruel beating, which occurred right outside 770, the assailants fled the area, leaving the man lying on the floor screaming for help.

Hearing the shouts, passersby quickly notified the Police and Hatzolah, who arrived on the scene minutes later. After assessing the wounds, the man was loaded on to a stretcher and transported to Hospital for further Medical treatment.

While the passersby and Emergency Respondents where occupied with helping the severely injured man, a large number of Tzfatis gathered outside as well, yet their concern was of a totally different nature: intimidating and threatening possible witnesses from speaking to the Police.

770 regulars relate that this is by far not a first-occurrence. It is reported that a gang of up to five Tzfatim has been terrorizing this man for quite a while, including physical violence on more than one occasion.

In one of those instances he was attacked by a number of assailants who covered his face with a towel (a known Tzfati tactic) and struck him repeatedly. The identity of these attackers is well known among their Tzfati comrades, yet as mentioned above, their efforts are concentrated on intimidating witnesses.


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