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When Elected Vaad Members Turn Official @$$ Kissers….

October 25, 2010

When Our Leaders and Askunim Forget What Their Real Job Is...

Many are asking now what? What will our elected community officials do?

A few weeks ago, on one of the website here in Crown Heights (ColLive) reported about this “meeting”. Our “elected” officials called to a meeting to “amend” some kind of tension. Present at the meeting were representative of Mayors office, Districts Attorney’s office, black leaders, Jewish leaders, officers form the local precinct, and others. The issue at hand was an alleged attack or harassment on a black teen. The alleged perpetrator was a foreign teen whom was drunk; he got arrested and soon after released with the conclusion being no racial motive.

Yet, our elected “leaders” and one unelected nobody (who love’s photo ops) call for this great meeting. The issue was SO urgent, and the community was on the verge of civil unrest, and all hell was about to break lose, that they had to meet at 10:00am. (So urgent, that this was a week after the incident, I might add) and what’s the conclusion of this urgent meeting?

Our “leaders” apologize on our behalf. They take a small incident that no one had heard of, with a foreigner teen who was drunk, the crime was all alleged, and they compare it to 1991 riots, for what? For a picture, they take all the residents of Crown Heights and put them in the mix, and apologize on our behalf? What kind of Chutzpa is this where is this heard of, that a week after Yom Tov our leaders initiate a meeting to apologize. And then we ask where the leaders are? Where are the individuals whom were elected to stand up for our community? Yes and even Sperlin who throws his weight around and has SO many CONNECTIONS where is he? You know where they are they are busy looking for situations where they can apologize. (The interesting thing is that when it comes to getting Jews locked up Sperlin somehow finds all the CONNECTIONS he needs).

Where was our great “leaders” on September 18, Motzai Yom Kippur when an Israeli yungerman in his 30’s was attacked without provocation on Crown Street near Kingston Avenue?
Where are our “leaders” and Askonim when we get robbed, mugged and assaulted?
Where were our “leaders” and Askonim on September 22nd, when the police was harassing our very own Shomrim Volunteers? Where were the “leaders” when the police department was removing for no reason at all a command center which is used to service our community?

Is that piece of plastic the police department gave you really worth stabbing your brothers in the back time after time? Is getting off a parking ticket ($60 bucks) really worth betraying your own community?

You know where they are, looking for photo ops, waiting for the perfect storm were they can finally come out as the saviors in the big media, kissing politicians asses so maybe they can help…mmmm… Themselves get more photo ops.

I’m already on the subject of where are our leaders and Askonim, so I’m going to take the liberty of asking a few more questions.

In a weeks’ time we are going to have an election. One of those positions is for Assemblyman (for those who don’t know, that is what Dov Hikind is for Boro-Park). It so happens that a member of our community is running for that position, why haven’t our leaders from the CHJCC  (Crown Heights JEWISH Community Council) endorsed him?
Why are our “leaders” fighting against him (by threatening the candidate not to run and by threatening stores and residents not to post his signs)?

Does Crown Heights have anybody representing/advicating the Jewish community and its needs?


A Vote For One Moser Is A Vote For All Mosrim

June 29, 2010

Let's Complete The Job We started and get Rid Of ALL Mosrim

Vote One and get 5 free

Fishel Brownstein presents the lineup of his team when (not if) he is elected (or if Rabbi Rosenberg changes his mind and just lets me in because so demanded Poltorak. Rabbi Rosenberg, are you really ready to stand up to Poltorak, who with my help finished off Rubashkin, Lang, Plotkin, Rabbis Zirkind, Segal & Reitport plus Rav Osdoba and his 3 sons, is it it worth risking it all just so Katzman is happy? You have till 6pm to give me your final answer.

Yanky Herzog: First line of defense.
Yanky is great at sniffing out the enemy. If you have evil thoughts about Fishel (or anything that he represents, or anyone that he represents) Yanky will smell it a mile away (regardless of whether it’s true or just imaginative) and he will make sure that you know that he knows and that now you both know. Yanky will make sure to alert all the necessary powers to be, of your evil thoughts.

Yitzchock Holzman: Great inventor. He will make up any story and testify to its accuracy. He’ll get it tailor made to fit the crime. His specialty is being an escort and in that way he can get close enough to look over your shoulder and the job is done. And don’t forget, he’s also Harav Hagaon.

Chanina Sperlin: Best connections. That’s why he has the most pictures of anyone with all kinds of politicians. They all know that with a good photo-up they can get rid of him for a free lunch or a good juicy fatty steak in a fancy restaurant (guaranteed no CHK Hechsher), no sweat. Oh, and lets not forget, Eli Slavin owes him his job. Oops, there are about another 3 guys who got jobs thanks to Chanina over the last 10 years.

Eli Poltorak: A super doper lawyer that stops at anything to further his agenda. If he thinks that Krinsky is on top, he’ll run with him, and then when he figures out that Groner is next in line, he’ll run with him. Then today it’s Rav Osdoba (and I’ll delete all the adjectives that he employed about Rav Schwei) and the next day it’s Rabbi Schwei. But most importantly he’ll lock up anybody and everybody that doesn’t dance to his tune.

Mendy Hendel: King of Lubavitch. Head of the worldwide MERKOS of Lubavitch. The one and only knower of what people REALLY want since they are too confused to say what they really want; he’ll say it for them. Just let him take over. He’s ready to fill-in as a standby homeless shelter for the Tzfati brigade so he can collect all the grants which are destined for CH destitute families. No locksmiths are necessary within a million mile radius of his reach. Midnight break-ins our specialty. The list is too long to publish, just trust us, Fishel is my man, even when he doesn’t run he still runs if I so command.

Rabbi Mangel: My Mashpia and Rav. I’ll keep Rav Osdoba in check in consultation with Rabbi Mangel (at least I can blame him, since everybody knows that I Daven in his Shul and I seek his counsel all the time). I have no idea what (or if) Rabbi Mangel was against Rav Osdoba but I know that he means well and I must obey his wishes that are in concert with the Russian Gezhe Zkeinim. Ah, do I feel proud to be welcomed by these holy Russian men, the REAL Lubavitchers.

Rabbi Paltiel: My mentor in Ahavas Yisroel, he did me well in showing all the fools who voted for Zaki Tamir how low they can sink if they don’t elect me and my fellow Mossrim.

Never mind, I said get 5 free, who cares, so you’ll vote one and get 7 free.

Vote Fishel, Get Seven.

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Mosrim Attempting to Hijack This Election

June 17, 2010

A gang of criminal conspirators who have undertaken to indefinitely retain control of the governing bodies of the Jewish Community of Crown Heights. The facts alleged herein are reminiscent of Chicago circa 1920—complete with rigged elections, “judges” on the take, and a gang leader. (Left to Right) Gangsters: Mendy Hendel, Chanina Sperlin, Al Capone and Elie Poltorak PC.

Developing story:

Like they (the above)  did the first time, word on the street is that the gangsters and Mosrim are attempting to hijack our election once again.

Poltorak, Eli – 759 – 37%

Elie the gangster  Poltorak is a sore loser and can’t concede to defeat. The gangster Poltorak lost big time. The Crown Heights community voted the Mosser and gangster out, yet he is still making every effort to hijack OUR election.

After being defeated big time, gangster Poltorak is trying to push Rabbi Rosenberg to allow all 7 runner ups to be elected in the Vaad. This is contrary to what the people want and voted for. The gangster Poltrorak is trying to convince the Rabbi not to recount the votes this coming up Sunday and not to give the people an opportunity (democratic opportunity)  to vote for our next two (new) Vaad members.

If the Rabbi grants the gangster Poltoraks his way, the whole election would be a sham; a joke and would have wasted the communities time and effort. The community hopes to have another democratic opportunity to vote in a just and proper manner.

UPDATE: Gangster Poltorak is also asking the Rabbi to release the list of who voted. What Chutzpa this loser has. A little over a year ago, this gangster runs a questionable elections (which didn’t need a Din Torah to  come to this conclusion), and many, even on WIS demanded that the gangsters release the names of those who voted, so we all can clarify the legitimacy of those elections. Instead of handing the list over all we got was Mesira/Court.

Sorry, can’t have the cake and eat it. Besides, many voters would not appreciate a gangster like Poltorak having such a list. It is simply none of his business. This election was obviously more about voting people out then it was in. Poltorak was voted OUT!!!


Isn’t it odd that with all the controversy around the last fake elections that only four candidates out of ten were elected?

All 10 candidates* knew about the controversies behind the election. It’s no secret that last election was another attempt to oust Rabbi Osdoba out. The people running were all Schwei people, we can safely say they all had the same agenda and where a team helping one another to do an Avara/sin. As the Rabbi wrote in our Psak Din, that the election was indeed questionable. The community claimed fraud then and the community still stands by that claim.
*Besides Zaki Tamer, which later dropped out.

Yet, with all the fraud only  Sperlin, Polrorak, Cadaner and Brownstein were elected
Why not Seven?
Imagine a team of ten plan to rob a bank, they all know it is wrong and illegal and don’t care. They all sit and plan together how they will carry out the hist (the agenda). But four out of the ten have a different plan, a plan that will (after the job is done) secure them all the money and leave the others with nothing. Thats what happened there.

And here after an open democratic election with a turn out like none other, these same thugs and gangsters whom stole an election and even stole an opportunity from their own people (the other people running with them), are now coming and demanding that 7 people be allowed to be in the Vaad?

It doesn’t get any more hypercritical then this!

Another question:

Even if the Rabbi would allow seven, the gangster Polrorak is NOT on that list of seven, so what his deal, why is he mixing in, either way, the gangster was voted out, this obsoletely as nothing nothing to so with him.

Tell the gangster Polrorak to mind his own business, he never did and defiantly now represent the people of the community!

The message was load and clear…Mosser go out!!! Mosser go Home!!!

WIS has been told that Chanina Sperlin has long conceded, WIS hopes this is true and stays that way.

Moser Profile: Elie C. Poltorak

June 3, 2010

On December 29, 2007 the biggest Mesira in Crown Heights and perhaps Jewish history was about to lance.

After an altercation between a community based volunteer patrol (Crown Heights Shomrim) and a few wild Yeshiva Students, some community based individuals with political motives saw this as an opportunity they can’t miss.
They got to work orchestrating a vicious Mesira, which will result in an arrest of Seven Jews; charged with over a 100 counts; two years of court; ending with a six week trial and if G-d forbid found guilty, facing up to 15 years prison.

December 29, 2007 On December 29, 2007 at about 1am Elie Poltorak an attorney at law went down to Kings county hospital together with Levi (Paul) Huebner, another attorney, (who is currently suing the Shomrim for $144 million dollars), to “help” the so called “victims”.

What we are  later to discover from one of the “victims”, now a witness on the stand, is that Elie C. Poltorak and Paul Huebner were not just there (at the hospital) to translate, but to do all the talking, to set up a case/blood libel.

One thing we know for certain, Poltorak was not at the hospital to be a righteous Jew and do all he can to stop a Mesira and Chillul Hashem.

The video speaks for itself.
Elie C. Poltorak a community leader? NO!!!
Elie C. Poltorak a Mosser? 100%

UPDATE: June 6,2010

Sperlin and Poltorack’s Candidacy Challenged (CH.Info)

Two challenges were posed against candidates Chanina Sperlin and Eli Poltorak, on the Halachic grounds. Which more specifically cite that they both participated and perpetrated a Messira on Jews which directly resulted in their arrest and prosecution.

In a letter sent to the election board, which consists of representatives from both side of the fence; evidence pertaining to two separate cases was presented and accused each of Messira.

In the letter, there is a claim against Poltorak claiming; “I am attaching the transcripts of where the Mosrim testified as to how Elie Poltorak helped them carry out this blood libel. I believe the transcripts speak for themselves.” Referring to the transcripts from the trial of the Shomrim Six.

Click Here to view the testimony of Schneur Rotem

Click Here to view the testimony of Elkon Gurfinkel

The letter goes on to claim that “Chanina Sperlin informed on us to the police and signed his name on the complaint and we were subsequently arrested and stood trial” referring to a 2001 incident in 770 in which a 4 were arrested.

Click Here to view the police complaint (4/27/01)

Click Here to view a letter between precinct commanders regarding the incident (5/1/10)

Click Here to view Sperlin saying he will not testify (5/1/01)

Click Here to view the screening sheet of the District Attorney where Sperlin actually testifies (5/30/01)


The Mosrim Oppose Because They Are Afraid

May 24, 2010

Regarding: The list of candidates running for the Vaad Hakohol (Collive)

List of Candidates for Vaad Hakohol Released (

Short and to the point.  Just like WIS reported before, the whole Din Torah was a waste, we are stuck with the same [group] Mosrim forever.

Go out voice your concerns and challenge the Mosrim!!!

Challenges are now being accepted to force removal of candidates running in the upcoming elections for Vaad Hakohol.

After releasing the names of the candidates deemed qualified to run, the Nominations Committee for the CHJCC – Vaad Hakohol and Gabboyim of 770 elections have opened the doors to all residents of Crown Heights to voice their objection to any of the candidates based on the qualification guidelines.

The guidelines of requirements for eligibility of candidates have been enumerated by the committee in the statement as being a Jewish, religious male, who is married and has resided in Crown Heights fro at least 90 days. The man cannot be an administrator of any Crown Heights institution, nor can he be a Netzig (an official representative of any local synagogue).

During the screening process for the current candidates, many objections were raised, causing two people to be removed from candidacy, following the Halachic ruling issued by the head of the Zablo Beis Din which has dealt with the entire controversy, Rabbi Abraham Rosenberg. The rabbi made his firm judgment only after a hearing with all parties involved.

In order to allow for a fully transparent candidates-qualifying and election process, the Nominations Committee has called on anyone with any doubts to submit their challenges in writing. No anonymous claims will be accepted.

The due date for all challenged has been set for 8pm Sivan 21, just over a week before the Rosh Chodesh Tamuz elections.

All submissions should be sent to Noochie Gross 555 Crown Street Apt 2D, Cell 718 755-2720 or Yisroel Sandhaus at 1394 Union Street, Cell 917 969-7516.

The Nominations and Election Committee includes six Crown Heights community representatives, namely Yisroel Best, Noochie Gross, Yitchok Holtzman, Yosef Katzman, Yisroel Sandhaus, Yitzy Silver.


February 23, 2010

אשרי האיש אשר לא הלך בעצת רשעים, ובדרך חטאים לא עמד, ובמשב לצים לא ישב

(תהילים א-א)

Fortunate is the man that has not walked in the counsel of the wicked, nor stood in the path of sinners, nor sat in the company of scoffers. (Psalms 1-1)


way2go says:
“aren’t you giving them advertisement by posting this?”

The above question was asked in my previous post about my posting of how the fake Vaad of Mossrim illegally plastered our neighborhood with posters advertising the “town hall meeting”.

Without actually going to the meeting and not having someone to inform me what was happening, The following was my reply…

No I’m not and I’ll explain why.

How many people are going to show up, how many people support these mossrim?
[For argument sake, I’m going to give the mossrim the 900 people they claim voted for them]
The mossrim claimed that 900 people voted for them, that means that they should have 900 die hard supporters showing up to the parties meeting.
The reason I use the words die hard is because the fact is this election was [dirty] political, so if anybody went out of their way to vote it was only because of their cause/agenda. In other words, they had a cause/Agenda and therefore made in a point to vote.
OK, OK, some people could not make it, so let’s say 857 people will be there, how could they not.
So if even a hundred or two hundred people show up, thats a big loss for them. That would mean that they lost most of their vote. That the other 700 people that voted for them, lost faith in them and wont bother going out of the way for them.

We all know that burly 300 people actually went out to vote for them, lets see if they will even have half of those 300 hundred.
Even if I’m wrong and they have half of the 300 that actually voted for them, the joke is still on them.

The pictures will speak for themselves. If they post them of-course.

Boy does it feel good to be right. To tell you the truth it wasn’t such a long shout. The only mistake was that I actually gave them the benefit of the doubt when I wrote…”Even if I’m wrong and they have half of 300 [being 150] that actually voted for them, the joke is still on them.” Which means, that even I thought that maybe, maybe a hundred to hundred and fifty just might show up.  Boy was I ever wrong and couldn’t be gladder that I was. What the hell was I thinking?.

The results are clear. Let the Pictures speak for themselves, courtesy of and it’s sister site

What this has shown myself and I assume many of you is that…
1.  The people in the community (the real community, of hard working family men and woman), don’t want these Mossrim; thugs and gangsters running our neighborhood.

2.  We now know for a fact that burly 150 people voted for them. I asked a non biased person (whom really has no idea whats going on with this or any politics), a simple and clean question, which goes as follows…. If you had 900 people who supported you in a tough battle and you make a meeting, how many of of these 900 would want to make it a point to come show support/power? The reply was, 600 people.

3.  Even the Mossrims own people were not there. Where was the Shmira? Where was Mendle Hendel? Where was Yankle Spritzer? Where was Yankle Herzog? Where was Yisroel Sandhuas? Where was Rabbi Schwei? Where was Yisroel Best? Where was that whole group of losses (מושב לצים) that hang out/meet in 770 all day?

4.  So the Mossrim ended up with maybe 40 30 people (yeee haaa), Where was the after party, that must of been wild.
10 of whom came to see if there would be any action. Another 20 which are looking for any excuse to leave the house. And Nebach 10 people who actually thing these Mossrim will help them.

These Mossrim are nothing in this neighborhood. It’s time that we stopped letting them push us around. It’s about time to face down the bully and let him know that, נישט ביי אונדז (not by us). A dog will only chase you if you run, if you turn around, the dog will run for it’s life.

The message to Chanina the Moser Sperlin, Eli the Moser Poltorak, Fishel the Moser Brownstein and Zev the Moser Cadaner last night was clear.

Get lost, we never wanted you, not yesterday and not today. We the actual community, do not support hostile take overs. We the actual community don’t support thuggish; gangster behavior. And must importantly, we the actual community  don’t support Mesira. Mossrim Go Out!!!

A message to the politicians:

You see for yourselves, you’ve been duped all this time. They come to you and claimed that they have the “community”; “the community is behind us, we say jump and they (the people) ask how high”.

The truth is right in front of your eyes. You have been used and abused. Chanina Sperlin and co. have been selling you boats all this time . At some points (the recent Shomrim Six case) they even convinced you or better yet used you, to viciously and maliciously prosecute Six innocent hard working, family men, for their own  political gain.

Some advice: History will speak for itself. Go meet with the families that you were told about. Meet with the people you were told by Chanina Sperlin and Co. that are “evil”, “trouble makers”, “gangsters” etc… What you will discover is that everything they told you about the “others”, apply only to themselves. You will find a history of violence, hostile takeovers, false arrest, abuse of the justice system…the list goes on and on. 

Our dear politicians, don’t be fooled. You picked the wrong house in this race. Distance yourselves while you have a chance, there will be no excuse of, I didn’t know.

Come to Crown Heights and meet the actual hard working, family men and women and listen to them for a change. One thing is already established, your with the wrong crowed now.

UPDATE 3-1-10: Over the weekend I was informed by one of the participants in this joke of a “community meeting” that after the first speaker spoke, half the crowed left. Which left about 20 people in the hall, with more then half being JCC employees.

For a closer look at some of the pictures from the meeting… (more…)