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War On Internet Is A War On Information

May 20, 2012

Another propaganda letter from the B.S. (Braun & Schwei) gang

We all know that the Crown Heights Beth Din is nothing but a tool/proxy/puppet of the Cabal that is the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. Anything (for example: letters, statements, edicts and even Psak Dinim) this so called Beth Din has done (past and present) has been on direct orders of the cabal who run the corrupt CHJCC. This fact became very obvious with THIS letter, which when coming under extreme fire was defended by non other then the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, inc. Why was it defended by the CHJCC? Becuase it was written by the CHJCC.



Re-post: Time For Crown Heights To Wake Up!!!

April 5, 2012

As a result of  THIS (Rov Being Systematically Excluded and Marginalized) post on, WIS is re-posting an article originally posted on March 25, 2011. What you see in bracket symbol [ ] has been added to fit the current useless distraction.

Message to CH.INFO: If your looking for some real actual news worthy material (regarding fraud and corruption at the CHJCC and Co.) which actually effects the Crown Heights community, feel free to connect WIS at  

Crown Heights! Stop being dogs chasing after bones!

13. Wake Up wrote: [Don’t lose focus with stupidity!].

He is a Rov, He isn’t a Rov. He has Smicha, He doesn’t Have Smicha. [He put up a sign he took down a sign].

How does it make any deference for any of our bottom lines? Was there a Purim Seuda this year? How many people did the CHJCC help in the last ten mounts? [How many people did the CHJCC help these past two years?]

We are so busy with Zaki’s and Co. non-sense. Instead of doing what he [Zaki] was elected to do, and that is to HELP OUT THE RESIDENTS of Crown Heights literally, Zaki’s buddied up with the same people we threw out in the last election. Zaki’s is continuing their streak of Machlokes. Finding distractions instead of doing what needs to be done.


EXCLUSIVE: Yaakov Spritzer 311 Recording #1

March 4, 2012

No introduction and commentary needed, WIS presents the Mosser and Ganef Yaakov Spritzer’s 311 Mesira recordings:


The Chutzpah of Yaakov Spritzer…

Irrelevant and Corrupt CHJCC Trying To Become Relevant With…

February 26, 2012

Click Image For Full Story

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

Those of you following (, already know WIS opinion regarding the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. (a.k.a.  Vaad Hakohol). WIS hears what your saying in the street, WIS sees what you write (or don’t write) in comments, any time the CHJCC or any of it’s corrupt members shows up on-line. The message has gotten out.

For those of you who are new here, WIS suggest you do some catching up:


Illegal and Wrong: The Beth Din Of The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.

August 10, 2011

With all that has been exposed, WIS has decided to end this stupid game once and for all!

Government grant money has been illegally stolen by the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc., to pay it’s Rabbis salaries and rent for office space.  The Rabbis are not aware that their salaries were coming from illegal activity by the CHJCC.

The CHJCC claims in Government contracts that their services are not sectarian by nature and that their staff are not sectarian (clergy).  See for yourself…



April 14, 2011



1. without logical or meaningful connection; disjointed; rambling: an incoherent sentence.
2. characterized by such thought or language, as a person: incoherent with rage.
3. not coherent or cohering: an incoherent mixture.
4. lacking physical cohesion; loose: incoherent dust.
5. lacking unity or harmony of elements: an incoherent public.
6. lacking congruity of parts; uncoordinated.
7. different or incompatible by nature, as things.
8. Physics . (of a wave) having a low degree of coherence.

1.  confused, irrational, muddled.

Related Words for : incoherent

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1. lacking in clarity or organization; disordered
2. unable to express oneself clearly; inarticulate
3. physics (of two or more waves) having the same frequency but not the same phase: incoherent light

Example of incoherent:
From a comment on The Zaki Tamir Report (do to a mass email sent pointing out the stupidity of the comment bellow, the comment has since been removed).


Is All the Corruption and Fraud At The CHJCC Getting To Zaki Isaac B. Tamir Head?

March 15, 2011

Money and Power Corrupts the Mind

Regarding: Rosenberg: “Braun Not Necessarily A Legitimate Rov” and Let’s Be Clear…(Zaki Blog)

The Purim Shpeil Continues.

A Shpeil that has lasted way over 180 days, thats for-sure.

Zaki Tamir Writes:

The Vaad Hakohol is doing its best to act in a sensible and diplomatic way

First the CHJCC chairman Zaki Tamir says (on his blog) he does not have to listen to the Ikul (Beth Din and Din Torah) because Rabbi Rosernberg said he does not.
But now all of a sudden, it’s because Rabbi Rosenberg didn’t say anything; didn’t give him any intructions (regarding the Ikul) , and therefore  he doesn’t have to listen, and therefore deciding alone as to what course of actions to take, defying the Beth Din.


Everyone knows Yankle the Ganev Spritzer!

March 1, 2011

Mossrim and Ganovim Chatting it up: Paul Huebner, Yaakov Spritzer and Efraim Setton

If you were to walk the streets of Crown Height and ask people, who is Berel the Ganev? they will ask you back, Nu, who is Berel the ganev?

If you were to walk the streets of Crown Height and ask people, who is Yossel the Ganev? they will ask you back, Nu, who is Yossel the Ganev?

If you were to walk the streets of Crown Height and ask people, who is Zalman the Ganev? they will ask you back, Nu, who is Zalmen the Ganev? Etc… Etc…

There is only one name that (when heard) people will not ask you, Nu, who is he? and that is… YANKLE THE GANEV. Everybody knows who Yankle the Ganev is (no explaining needed).

Yankle the Ganev was also the first,  shall we say “the god father”  to make a vicious Meisra against fellow Jews, just so he can swindle property and money from them.

The sick dog Yaakov Spritzer has his only sister, his flesh and blood arrested…. I can’t even continue writing… I mean what can I add…see for yourselves.

spritzer locks up his sisterspritzer locks up his sister


CHJCC Solves All Of Crown Heights Problems With Kashrut (wink wink).

February 28, 2011

Wow! we are going to get the Kashrus under control. WIS is sorry it has to poop on your little party, by asking what’s the Kashrus going to do for the community?

You see the Kashrus does not even account for one quarter of the the funds that pass the CHJCC. In-fact how many products currently have a CHK? Three, Four?

They tell us “we need the Kashrus” its how we can pay the Rabbonim, Is that truly so?

WIS knows of only two individuals who make their salary from the Kashrus, and no its not Rabbi Osdobo or Schwei. Osdobo and Schwei make their salaries as……..

People get you heads out of the sand, there are individuals who have been manipulating the community for years and they are at it again.

There is a massive leak of millions of dollars and it ain’t from the Kashrus.


Stop the Corruption Stop the Fraud!

“Civility” is the New Censorship

January 13, 2011

….”Because understand, it is not uncivil to make the accusation, as they define all this. There’s no limit on them. They are not guilty of anything. What’s uncivil is when those of us minding our own business, bothering no one, are accused of some atrocity, and we respond to it. That’s the incivility.”

Rush: Civility is the New Censorship

Rush: We don’t need lectures from uncivil leftists

Mishichist Mossrim Hypocrites are demanding we submit on account of civility. The same group of people who have destroyed the Beis Din all these years, the same group of people who have tried to destroy the Rebbe’s Mosdos, the same group of people who have committed acts of violence against innocent people, the same group of people who carry out Mesira/Blood Libels against other Jews. This same group which ran a dirty campaign to get “their man” to “victory” , are demanding we except them?


Hells No to Mishichistim Mossrim!

Hells No to Corruption!

Hells No to violence!

Hells No we will not except a fraud!

Hells No, we will never submit to a “psak”/letter that makes a joke of  the Rebbe ZT”L and the Crown Heights Community!

But again, this is nothing more then a distraction. Millions of dollars have been stolen by these Mossrim who brought Braun to Crown Heights, millions that belong to the people (the people that work hard and pay taxes). Millions that was given to help families in need, WHERE IS THE MONEY?

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