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Op-Ed: Erev Rav 2.0

June 6, 2012

by Yochanan Gordon

As Gimmel Tammuz once again approaches, it’s appropriate to reflect on the past eighteen years and analyze the effect that the Rebbe’s passing has had on his Chassidim, and how we have dealt with the situation overall.

The observance of a Yartzeit for the survivors of the deceased is very much similar to that of the marking of a birthday or the anniversary of a marriage between couples. A Jew’s obligation in this world is to continue to strive towards attaining new heights, and so with the passing of each year, we take stock on multifarious levels of the past and commit towards rising to new levels in the coming year.



Tzfati Thugs Savagely Beat Homeless Man

June 6, 2012

This morning at approximately 2:00 AM, two Tzfati thugs savagely beat a homeless man who often collects money at 770. Following the cruel beating, which occurred right outside 770, the assailants fled the area, leaving the man lying on the floor screaming for help.

Hearing the shouts, passersby quickly notified the Police and Hatzolah, who arrived on the scene minutes later. After assessing the wounds, the man was loaded on to a stretcher and transported to Hospital for further Medical treatment.


Shame On Meshichistim Mossrim Shame Shame Shame

April 26, 2012

Click Image Above For News Report

Alleged Teen Victim In Baltimore Neighborhood Watch Beating Now Wants Charges Dropped; Refuses To Testify In Court

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– There are dramatic twists in the trial of two brothers accused of beating an African-American teenager in Northwest Baltimore. The star witness takes the stand and refuses to testify, even asking for the charges to be dropped.

Weijia Jiang has more on what the teen said and what the judge told him.

This is a huge blow to the prosecutor who put the victim on the stand because he thought the teenager would share a harrowing story about how he was beaten. But the victim brazenly refused.

[WIS] Unlike the the seven Meshichistim Mossrim who falsely testified in the Shomrim Six trail. Everything on  Shomrim behalf was done to end the matter peacefully before the vicious Mesira/Blood Libel would reach court. The Mossrim had two years to back out, not only didn’t they back out, they and their handlers  spent the two years (prior to trial) planing how they will go about the blood libel.


If a Mosser Bakes Matzos, Are They Kosher?

April 3, 2012

Source: CH.INFO

Elkon Moshe Gurfinkel (far left) working at the Kfar Chabad Matzah Bakery.

Is a Mosser’s Matzos Kosher? Well, technically they probably are, but would you want to use Matzos at your Sader that were made by a person who attempted to have six Jews imprisoned through an elaborate and vicious Messira?

Elkon Moshe Gurfinkel sat in the witness chair of the courtroom on 320 Jay Street in downtown Brooklyn for three days, and [falsely] testified against the Shomrim Six, attempting to have them imprisoned for up to fifteen years. [Gurfinkel was the “star witness” of the Shomrim Six blood libel].


Another Mosser Located At 749

March 19, 2012

The Mosser Yaakov Shatz

It has come to WIS attention that the one of the Meshichsit Mossrim which falsely testified against the Shomrim Six, is currently [freely] residing at the dormitory belonging to  Central Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim (770), located at  749 Eastern  Parkway. Brooklyn, NY 11213.


Poll: Releasing More 311 Mesira Recordings

February 26, 2012

Using the comments bellow, tell us why you voted ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

PANDEMONIUM: The Inmates Run Wild in the Asylum

February 23, 2012

New Source: CHI

No one ever believed 770 would devolve into utter chaos as it did this afternoon – not even the biggest sympathizers towards the Tzfati cause. Two members of the yeshiva’s hanholo, Rabbi Kuti Feldman and Rabbi Zalman Labkowski, were both physically and verbally attacked by the same hooligans who have been running wild and unrestrained these past few weeks.


UPDATE: Regarding Scuffle Breaks Out in 770 over “Yechidus”

February 15, 2012

UPDATE Regarding: Scuffle Breaks Out in 770 over “Yechidus”

The bochur who was punched called the Police, who entered 770 to find the thug, but he was nowhere to be found. All the while, the Tzfatim were yelling at the vicitm, calling him a “Moser” and threatening him.

It turns out that the Meshichistim are not the only ones making threats to the victim of the Meshichist assault.

2/18/12 UPDATE added – Yeshiva Hanhala issues cowardly letter addressing the violence (click full story for more).


Meshichistim Mossrim Break In and Vandalize 770 Women’s Section

February 15, 2012

News Source: CHI

From left to right: Aaron Apple, Yosef Kaikov, Eliyahu Singawi.

Not long after last week’s violence in 770, ‘MeshichistimTzfati’ terrorism has struck again. The latest target: An organized group of girls from Israel visiting for the occasion of chof beis shvat.


Meshichist Mossrim Violence: Follow The Money

February 12, 2012

Part Two:

Regarding: Scuffle Breaks Out in 770 over “Yechidus” and all the other  Meshichist Mossrim Violence which takes place almost daily.

“Another Tzfati, Tzachi Cohen, hit the revered Mashpia in the face several times, until he was pulled away by force.”

Theres something really troubling about the way the Yeshiva administration reacted to the way one of their own staff got assaulted by their own students. Students which are feed, housed and receive affidavits from the Yeshiva to be in the United States.