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Op-Ed: Erev Rav 2.0

June 6, 2012

by Yochanan Gordon

As Gimmel Tammuz once again approaches, it’s appropriate to reflect on the past eighteen years and analyze the effect that the Rebbe’s passing has had on his Chassidim, and how we have dealt with the situation overall.

The observance of a Yartzeit for the survivors of the deceased is very much similar to that of the marking of a birthday or the anniversary of a marriage between couples. A Jew’s obligation in this world is to continue to strive towards attaining new heights, and so with the passing of each year, we take stock on multifarious levels of the past and commit towards rising to new levels in the coming year.



Op-ed: A False Sense Of Security

February 15, 2011

Today my eight year old brought me to tears. “What is a body bag?” she asked me and “Why is a man dead next to my school?”

Crown Heights has always been a controversial place to live. Growing up here, I can remember the fear I felt during the Crown Heights riots.  A fear that never went away, only diminished slightly with time.  In light of the recent horrific shootings in the past few weeks, I cannot help but conjure up those feelings of fear and helplessness once again.  But, I am no longer a child, I am a mother, a mother of two young and impressionable girls who are forced to deal with issues premature to their age and beyond their capabilities of coping with the stress of these mature matters.