Ezra Hecht

Ezra Hecht


10 Responses to “Ezra Hecht”

  1. i love shomrim Says:

    what an ugly nut!
    lets fire all these ugly goons!

    i like shomrim they are the real tough guys, they even know how to make nifty little websites to smear those bastards shmira!

    yea man keep the smear campaign goin’

    (just dont let them find out who you are)

    (especially because they are known for their violent little tactics)

    so f@@k them good man!

    this guy is so ugly he should not be able to live



  3. john doe Says:

    everytime i walked passed his daddy’s classroom he had another little boy on his lap, sometimes two. accounts for 90% of drug addicts wandering around crown heights. ezra hangs around stern cause he was looking for someone just like his daddy.

  4. Dov Says:

    Have you Massered on a fellow Jew Yet???
    If not, then go try it, it’s easy, just rip out your heart and get ride of your jewish soul and your good to go.

    It’s sad, truly sad.

    I don’t understand why people are getting all excited about what Mr. Charles Hynes is doing when on a daily basis we have our own “fellow Jews” (who Davven with us, who use our Mikvas, some even scream different slogans etc… some hide behind a mask of “protecting” the community) Massering on us (making false allegations on there “fellow Jews”).

    What is done to them?
    Why is there not an out cry to stop them?
    Why are these Mossrim (takka) praying with us, using our mikvas and excepted in our community?

  5. malky.L Says:

    he’s always there when you need him

    ROCK ON ezra

  6. joe Says:

    he is kosher town boy he is very nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. blat Says:

    is this the hunch back or is it his brother?

  8. john doe Says:

    What type of girl marries a MOISSER?

    Ezra Hecht (Crown Heights) to Sara (bas R’ Shlomo) Junik – (Crown Heights)

  9. Mesira Fighter! Says:

    למלשינים אל תהי תקוה’

    Almost two years ago I asked my wife “If you were to find out that I was a MOISSER would you still marry me?” She answered “No”

    Seven Crown Heights residents, 6 who are involved in Shomrim*, were arrested over two years ago because of MESSIRA. For almost two years seven Jews had to sacrifice family, livelihood, and happiness, because of people whose hate is so great that they would do absolute anything and everything and use anyone and everyone to destroy the live of those they hate. The border was crossed. All red lines were erased.

    It has recently come to my attention that you were recently engaged to Ezra Hecht who is a MOISSER, MOISSER COLLABORATER and a Jewish ANTI-SEMITE.
    There was a dispute between Shomrim and some young men on DEC 29, 2008 at 749 Eastern Pkwy. Ezra Hecht was not there, and as such could not know the events that have transpired, YET he took it upon himself to assist those young men in orchestrating a vicious and evil MESSIRA. As you should know a MOISSER has no HOPE, why would you want to spend your life, and raise children with one who is HOPELESS?

    Ezra had no reason to get involved. WHY did he? ASK him. I guarantee you he will not DENY the MESSIRA. He will try to JUSTIFY it. [and there is absolutely no justification for Mesira].

    Seven Jews are facing possible long prison sentence on the vicious lies of corrupted minds of certain individuals. Ezra Hecht is one of them. Ezra Hecht has JEWISH BLOOD on his hands.

    Justice for the just!

    * Gadi (Shneur) Hershkop: A Son, A Brother, a Husband and a Father (of five). A trusted member of the Crown Heights community. A school bus driver for Bais Rivka Head start.

    Chaim Hershkop: A Son, A Brother, a Husband and a Father (of two). A trusted member of the Crown heights community. Also a school bus driver for Bais Rivka Head starts.

    Yehuda Hershkop: A Son, A Brother, A Husband (was engaged to be married at the time of the alleged incident). A hard working member of our community.

    Benjamin Lifshitz: A Son, A Brother and a good friend. A hard worker and Runs the must successful Chabad web site around.

    Schneur Pinson: A Son, a Brother and a good friend. A hard working member of our community.
    Nechemi Slater: A Son, A Brother and a good friend. A hard and trusted worker.

    Shalom Willhalm: A Son, a Brother, a Husband and Father (of 6). A trusted member of our community.

    The above people (victims of this viscous mesira), are all hard working members of our community. All the above people are family people. All the above people have something to loss. All the above people have what to wake up for in the morning for (work and family). All the above people have and would go above and beyond to do a fellow Jew a favor. They don’t deserve this and neither do you!
    Don’t fall for the hate and propaganda

    המוסרים והאפיקורסין מישראל היה דין לאבדן ביד ולהורידן עד באר שחת מפני שהיו מצירים לישראל ומסירין את העם מאחרי ה

  10. sara Says:

    go ezra go ezra go!! u da da best!! u da pimp nigga!

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