September 26, 2010



CROWN HEIGHTS [CHI] — On Wednesday night, the first night of the holiday of Sukkos, police went in an all out war with the community’s neighborhood Jewish volunteer patrol, Shomrim.

As thousands of residents were on their way home from Shul they were treated to a rather bizarre sight of a massive NYPD tow truck hooking up the Shomrim Mobile Command Post and towing it away.

After more then 5 years in which Shomrim has been parking the vehicle on Kingston and Crown for better access, in case of an incident heaven forbid, and as a deterrence, police decided to show the community that it is only the cops that they can rely on to protect or to help them.

Last year Simchas Beis Hashueva police wrote the command post no less than 15 tickets, in an attempt to intimidate and to scare off Shomrim from the service that they perform, costing Shomrim over $3,000 in fines.

This year resident watched in horror as Sergeant Robert Troise stood and commanded the reluctant tow truck driver to move the command post. The driver at first refused to stating that it was too large to safely tow, but after Mr. Troise yelled at him that he must tow the truck he yielded and towed it away.

“The command post belongs to the community” said Aron Hershkop, one of the coordinators of Shomrim. “The festive event that runs on the nights of Sukkos has no provisions for how to deal with missing children, or victims of minor crimes,” he said adding that this is that void that Shomrim has been filling for the past 5 years on the corner of Crown and Kingston and for the 10 years before that on Montgomery and Kingston, both of which Shomrim was forbidden from parking there.

This is yet another attack in an elaborate series that was perpetrated by Inspector Peter Simonetti, commanding officer of the precinct, in his bid to crush and destroy Shomrim, one which they vowed would not deter them.

“It’s a modern day David versus Goliath” said another Shomrim coordinator, “the police being Goliath, and the community being David left without the services it demands.”

For the time being the Shomrim Command Post is fully functional and operating in the alleyway between Dr. Rosens office and Primo Hatters on Kingston Avenue.



Zaki Tamir Betrays Your Vote Hires A Mosser We Voted Out

September 21, 2010

Turns out OyGevald.com was right all along about Zaki Tamir. (Search Zaki on OG).

From the CHJCC Updates for October 2010:

In the first of the official committee announcements, Crown Heights Jewish Community Council has announced the appointment of Chanina Sperlin as Executive Vice President for Governmental Affairs, and Chair of the Governmental Affairs Committee.

Board Chairman, Zaki Tamir, said that he was very proud of this announcement. “Chanina is someone who has consistently dedicated his time and effort in keeping Crown Heights at the top of the agenda of local public officials. Crown Heights is a unique place and Chanina has a unique way of representing us that has been effective until now and will undoubtedly benefit the neighborhood going forward.

“By bestowing this official title to Chanina in a public way we are giving him the authority he needs to make his voice heard for us, but at the same time we are holding him out as an example of what dedicated volunteers can achieve. We hope others will follow his lead.”

What a load of B.S.!

For starters WIS already sent a message to Zaki about this right after the elections for Vaad (Click Here), so there is no need to repeat.

WIS will however add.
This move is a total betrayal and a slap in the face to the people who voted for you.

The Crown Heights voter knows very well who Chanina Sperlin is and what hes all about, they know this when they went to vote and they know it now. Chanina Sperlin has been wrecking havoc on Crown Heights since 1998 (that 12 years).  As a matter of fact, only three month ago, Chanina Sperlin stood up in front of almost 400 Crown Heights residents and told us all what he was about. In the two minuets and forty-nine seconds that Chanina Sperlin attempted to speak, he told us two things…

1. Chanina is involved in (to quote) “intermentelgavol affairs”
2. Chanina can’t speak for the life of him. Chanina is NOT a speaker. Chanina Sperlin CAN NOT communicate.

The community heard him out (saw his “uniqueness”) and decided to finally vote him out. This was the first real elections in years where the community actually came out in numbers to vote. We had enough of Chanina Sperlin and his gang of Mossrim!

What gives Zaki Tamer the right to use the very rights we gave him against us?

Chanina Sperlin the Mosser and his Mosser friends did not vote for you and still would not vote for you today.

To Address some of the statements in the CHJCC letter:

…Crown Heights is a unique place and Chanina has a unique way of representing us that has been effective until now and will undoubtedly benefit the neighborhood going forward.

What is this unique talent that only Chanina Sperlin possess over other? Perhaps Zaki can arrange a class where Chanina Sperlin can teach young people who want to make a difference about this “unique way”.

Name one “unique” thing, not a hundred, but one “unique” thing that Chanina Sperlin has done in his 12 year tenure as a politicians for Crown Heights, besides being the cause of many arrest of fellow Jews. How does anything he MAY have done, justify the pain and loss he caused many families as a result of Messira?

Is Chanina Sperlin really the only person certified to deal with politicians?
Definitely not!

Chanina Sperlin never asked for forgivness from those he hurt. Chanina Sperlin never made any effort to pay back for the damage he caused as a result of Messira.

EXIT QUESTIONS: Is Chanina Sperlin holding Zaki past baggage over his head because if so WIS can hold it too. WIS has 3 times more the votes everyday then Chanina Sperlin had in all his elections put together.

Did Zaki Tamer loss his Cojones or is it that he never had them in the first place?

Somethings fishy here and WIS is going to get to the bottom of this!

More to follow in the comments bellow.


September 20, 2010


Types of Semicha:

The Talmud lists three classes of semicha issued:

Yoreh Yoreh:
The recipient of this semicha demonstrated sufficient education and proper judgment to be able to render halachic judgments on matters of religious law as it pertains to daily life such as kashrut, nidda, and permissible or forbidden activities on Shabbos or Yom Tov.

Yadin Yadin:
The recipient of this semicha demonstrated sufficient education and proper judgment to be able to render halachic judgments on matters of religious law as it pertains to monetary and property disputes.

Yatir Bechorot Yatir:
The recipient of this semicha demonstrated sufficient education and proper judgment to determine the ritual status of firstborn animals that have developed a blemish. This degree required extensive veterinary knowledge.

While the first two classes are still issued today, the last one is not.

Yadin Yadin in basically like doing internship.  The Rabbi to be sites at Din Torahs to watch and learn, every professional (Doctors and lawyers, judges to be etc…) does this and so should a Rov of a Beis Din.

The main and ONLY purpose of a Beis Din is to conduct Din Torahs between fellow Jews, everything else is secondary.

A robust and healthy legal system, administering justice fairly, creates a society worthy of G-d’s blessings. Establishing a system of judges, courts, and officials to maintain and enforce the law is a far-reaching responsibility. This precept translates the ideals of our personal life into a formal order for society at large. It is the extension and guarantee of all the preceding laws. (1 of the 7 Noahide Laws).

So yes my brothers and sisters, it is very important (a must) that a Rov of a Beis Din have the proper training and experience in ALL aspects of his expertise. Just as one would hire only an experience lawyer to fight a tough case or one would look for the best doctor to fight a tough illness (G-d spear us), so to one must look for only an experienced Rov to deal with matters of Din Torah which effect the entire community.

WIS would like to hear from you – use comments system to share your knowledge and opinion on the matter.

WIS Knows Who Stole Your Stuff?

September 19, 2010

Boy  is WIS glad Collive was the one that bought THIS subject up.

The night before Collive posted the above op-ed a long time Crown Heights resident related the following to me.

This photo has nothing to do with the subject matter

I was shopping in a store on Kingston Ave. when I noticed a young man with a Yechi Kippa entering the store. I recognized the young man from the few times I went to the Shomrim Six trial. This young man came to court (as a friend to the so called “victims”) quite a few times. I decided to stake him out. I noticed him taking some sushi, he then sat down, eat and when finished simply (without even cleaning up) got up and left.

I approached the owner of the store and  pointed out what I had just witnessed. The owner asked me if the Theft had a Yechi Kippa which I replied yes. The owner then said “if he had a Yechi Kippa then I don’t want to do anything, these kids steal all the time, if I say or do anything they will come riot at the store and I don’t want that”.

Another group of Mishichistim were sitting at a nearby table noticed what had just taken place (the conversation between myself and the store owner), so they also just got up and left (in middle of their meal) without paying”

The owner then pointed and complained, “see, they all do this everyday, what can I do?”

The previous owner of Empire Grill went out of business because Mishichist Tzfati Mossrim would come there almost nightly to party without pay. The Shmira Mesira would follow in the same manner.

WIS is sure that many businesses when making their accounting’s at the end of the mouth will find big losses.


From an e-mail:

“Two years ago my bother in-law (then 15) came for Tishrei “to be by the Rebbe”. It goes without saying that he stayed by us.

One day he comes home with a few car emblems, I ask him where he got themand he replies that someone on his “mivtzyim” rout gave it to him. Ok, I believe him, after all he is my wife’s brother; a Jew; and did come to “the Rebbe”.

But when he shows up the next day and the next day after that with more (including two Jaguar emblems), I said to my wife something is fishy here and we must get to the bottom of this.

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We Must Never Forget

September 19, 2010

למלשינים אל תהי תקוה

תעקר ותשבר ותמגר ותכניע  במהרה בימנו

G’Mar V’chasima Tova.

May Justice come for the Mossrim in a clear manner, in a way that everybody can’t point and say, this is because he is a Mosser. May the Mossrim fall in pit that has no beginning and no end.


Mendle Hendel the Osama Bin Laden Of Mishichisatim Mossrim

All the Mosrim that testified in the Shomrim Six case are currently in Crown Heights.

Although they are not students at the Yeshiva (and some were not at the time of the altercation and trial) they are nonetheless all currently staying of course in 749 Eastern Parkway, the Yeshiva Dorm.

The Mossrim are also being employed by Mendle Hendel.

One of the Mosrim Shneur Rotem, who is married is being housed by Mendle Hendel.


אין התשובה ולא יום הכיפורים מכפרין אלא עבירות שבין אדם למקום…אבל עבירות שבין אדם לחברו…אינו נמחל לו לעולם, עד שייתן לחברו מה שהוא חייב לו

Also Related:
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Jihad.info Plays ‘CAN YOU SPOT A MOSSER?

September 15, 2010

It was so successful the first time that Jihad.info decided to play the game again.

There were many complaints the first time around, do to the fact that there were so many Mishichist Mossrim to point out.
It was decided to make it easier for the fans and just have them pick out a few Mossrim.


(L-R) Elkon M. Gurfinkel and Gavriel Brownstein

Chabad.Info – News: Discerning Chabad from mishichistim
Chabad.Info – News: Thousands Attend Annual Mishichist Mossrim Gathering

HaRav Yossef Yeshaya Braun: Show Me The Money!!!

September 13, 2010

HaRav Yossef Y. Braun, newly elected Rabbi to Crown Heights, Husband and Father to eleven children has made his demands.

1. A Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars a Year.

2. A House (paid for by the community of course)

3. Tuition For All His Children Education.

Hay, a Rabbis got to eat, right?

Please copy and paste the above and send to all your neighbors and friends who voted for HaRav Braun (and even those who didn’t) and ask them, Whose going to pay for this and how?

Efraim Setton Does It Again

September 12, 2010


Efraim Setton sends Chazonim tape presumably of himself to Shliach in order to get hired for the holidays.

Setton shows up at Chabad house, start to pray, Shliach realizes this is not the same guy from the tape and can’t pray for the life of him.

Shliach requests that Setton leave (on account that Setton doped/scammed/cheated/ropped the Shliach and community).

Setton refuses to leave.

WIS will bring you more details as they come. If you know anything about this please email all the details to: whoisshmira@gmail.com


UPDATE: Why WIS took down this post. WIS was informed that Setton refused to leave the Shliachs home (get this) until WIS takes down the post. A few e-mails were sent to WIS requesting that the post please be taken down until the Devil Setton is on a plane back to New York.

WIS being a person of mercy kindly complied, after all who would want a Setton (Devil) in his/her home?

more details to come…

Another Blood Libel In The Making

September 12, 2010

Change We Can Believe In

Almost the one year anniversary since the beginning of the Shomrim Six trial and another Blood libel by the Nazi Paul Huebner, gangster Elie Poltorak, Efrim Setton on Jews is in the works.

From the information forwarded to WIS (a few weeks ago), Paul Huebners $144 million dollar lawsuit is not going well at all. Huebner and his Mossrim friends  are very big losers and Huebner is in a very desperate position. Huebner will do all he can to try and turn the tied. First Huebner and his Mossrim gang got to play the victims who were beaten up by the “Shomrim aggressors”, but the outcome of a Six week trial said a different story. As it turned out to be that the so called “victims” were the aggressors and the so called aggressors were the actual victims of a blood libel.


Huebners plan is to do all he can to initiate a fight so he may make some arrest and claim victim one again, he will then run to the courts screaming “you see, you see”.

It started Motzi Shabbos Shlichus, 25 of Elul (Saturday night, September 4th at about 1:am), Paul Huebner, his son in-law Efraim Setton and a younger Setton approached the Shomrim Command post, parked on the corner of Crown St. and Kinston Ave. (as reported here) and proceeded to tear down signs in support of Rabbi Bogomilsky that were hung on the Shomrim Command post.

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Mishichist Tzvati Mosrim Beat Up Chabad Bocherim

September 12, 2010
Tuesday September 7th, 2010 Mishichist Mossrim beat up two Chabad Bochrim in 770 Eastern Parkway and broke their glasses.

Menachem M. Amita

Mosser Shnaur Rotem

The two Chabad Bochrim who were maliciously beaten are Lazer Klien and Shmulik Renitz, both who are in-charge of the Vaad Hatimimim . The two were peacefully distributing leaflets in 770 advertising their program when they were attacked by Shneur Rotem from Israel, and Menachem M. Amita from Hartzalia, Israel.

This was a clear act of terrorism which stems from a deep rooted hatred and  jealousy towards anything not Mishichist.
The beating was caught on tape, WIS hopes to obtain that footage.
UPDATE: The Mosser Shneur Rotem was one of the Mosrim who falsely testified in the Shomrim Six trial, he is  currently one of the Plaintiffs in the $144 million dollar lawsuit against Shomrim.
Need your help: Help WIS identify Menachem M. Amita, the other terrorist involved in the vicious beating, you can do so by CLICKING HERE. Save photo and send to whoisshmira@gmail.com or send a link.
UPDATE: Thanks for your help!

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