Vote For Braun Is A Vote For More Machlokes

We voted NO to MESIRA and we succeeded, since then there has been a sense of calm in Crown Heights, let’s finish the job we started. Let’s stop the Machlokes machine once and for all!

A vote for Yeshaya Braun is a vote for More Machlokes and More Mesira!

Feel Free to print and distribute this sign, together we can make a difference…Braun Sign (PDF)

Stay Tuned…going to be a busy week.


4 Responses to “Vote For Braun Is A Vote For More Machlokes”

  1. Baby Face Says:

    What the BRAUN Propoganda machine will not tell you ?
    this baby face is left with maybe 13 people in his kehila.
    he came to sydney for machloikes and lost his people.
    since 2 of the kehila members died in a car accident. most left his
    machloikes group and now he wants to jump to crown heights.
    i think its a good idea to bring him here so the maschchissim kehila
    will shut down in a few years and the geula will come to CROWN HEIGHTS and clal isroel.

  2. Machne Menachem Says:

    You missed Yaakov Herzog and Joseph Spielman another two mossrim and trouble makers.

  3. From Sydney with love Says:

    Hey mate

    We in Sydney are in a bind…

    1. Braun was the first Mushroom to open up shop in the world against an existing head Shliach Rabbi Feldman….

    2. He is a huge Michichist and his shitos are very dangerous and damaging to Kovod of our Rebbe.

    3. Rabbi Heller and Rabbi Osdaba would never want him near them… because of his Shlita Shitos..

    3. He has caused a split in our little community here forever and has inflamed the Machlokes against our head Shliach Rabbi P Feldman

    4. He has preached Michichisim and Shlita to his group for years …

    We would expect him to do the same in Crown Heights in our Rebbe’s Schunah so the dilemma we have is

    1. We want him out of here for good and quick..

    2. We don’t want Crown heights to suffer with the same crap we have endured for over 10 years and we want Rabbi Feldman not to suffer anymore also.

    3. We have been told by people here not to write anything negative on Braun since that might hurt his chances of winning the upcoming election and then we will be stuck with a Michischist for life down under.

    Just some thoughts to ponder over.

    We wonder though now the Rebbe’s Schunah could ever think of electing him since he comes from across the oceans with not even a single letter of Hamlotzah from the Aussie Rabbinate so I hope our friends in Crown Heights realize that alone would raise suspicions of cause him not to get any votes..??? ask yourself Big Cholent you are taking a young kid who is a Michischist who is a mushroom against the Rebbe’s system of shlichus and comes with no letter from anybody in Australia that he is even able to be a ROV and what has he accomplished in Sydney??

    Good luck and may the Rebbe watch over us…

  4. Chaim Yehudah Says:

    I will vote BOGO, I will never vote for a young trouble maker…

    I spoke to Dudi Slavin in Sydney a brother than no other than Eli Slavin and he said he is a terrorist and horrible person… If he can say that its enough for me!!!!!!!!

    Chaim Yehudah

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